#Blackpound #Blackpower – The power of the #Blackpound


One million urged to join black spending power campaign

’We must unite to force businesses to treat black customers better’ says campaign founder – Warren Alexander-Dean

Written by Trudy Simpson 08/09/2011 09:52 AM

CAMPAIGN: Black consumers are being urged to use their spending power

AN ONLINE campaign is urging one million households to use their spending power to force businesses and other mainstream organisations to treat black customers better.

Founder Warren Alexander-Dean told The Voice he is hoping one million families would join the campaign, called One Million Households.

Alexander-Dean said the campaign, now on all social media networks, was started because of complaints that many black people often get treated worse than customers of other ethnic groups in some top clothing, car and goods stores, supermarket chains, local corner shops, off-licenses’ and beauty products shops.

This is despite the huge amounts of money that black customers spend with…

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