Each #BBC e-petition #Blackpound signature


Each #BBC e-petition #Blackpound signature,


Based on having to get the maximum 100,000 signatures.  http://chn.ge/1mohUKU



Each signature – Your signature, is worth over £7,200 each! That’s £720,000,000 divided by 100,000 of us! That’s quite a legacy to leave for our children… that’s got to be worth 20 minutes of your time too… To invite just 100,000 Facebook friends too, to sign the petition or to Re-Tweet the e-petition daily in your Twitter profile. http://chn.ge/1mohUKU


50 Years – The next fifty years of 20% of the #BBC TV licence income going the ethnic community in the UK will mean every signature on this petition being worth over £360,000. That’s the work we have to do right now! When there’s work to be done for the BENEFIT of the WHOLE ENTIRE COMMUNITY… We have to get-on-with-it! We have to put differences and ego’s aside, when we have collective work to do for the betterment of our community… Our children and grandchildren, just like other communities do… http://chn.ge/1mohUKU



The Internet – The UK African community seriously needs to work smart and work efficiently with the Internet… the SHARE and RETWEET icons have got to become our friends, and our secret weapon in the spiritual, economic, political playground… http://chn.ge/1mohUKU





United we stand!


BIG Thanx for ALL your kind support and lending your name and clout to the campaign.…




We have Dr Mark Dean, an African American scientist who gave ‘US’ the computer and the ‘digital technology’ platform which the Internet runs on, to USE and ‘raise ourselves up’… Let’s do great things in Dr. Mark Dean’s honour… Let’s USE the Internet to do just that… Raise ourselves UP spiritually, socially, politically and economically…


Wishing you all the very best…


Bless U


Enjoy your weekend…





22 Administrators


UK Black Family Household UNION™ & UK Black Parliament™ – #Blackpound online Campaign

One Million Households http://www.Twitter.com @OneMillionHouse

07017410510 Permanent- Flextel.com

07803611181 T-Mobile


One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound £ work for US! ™


One Million Households – Group – 20,000+ Members



One Million Households – Page – 3,300+ Supporters



UK African Parliament: – Group – 2,920+ Members



Union Group: UK Black Family Household UNION – 543+ Members



Union Page: UK Black Family Household UNION – 232+ Supporters



UK #Blackpound Group: 256+ Members –



UK #Blackpound Page: 125+ Supporters



Melanin people – The first people – Group – 256+ Members



Alkebulan people Group – 84+ Members






The Voice newspaper ENTIRE FRONT PAGE article



MY PEOPLE – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvzGPoioVHk


Join “UK Black Parliament™ + UK Black Family Household Union™ – One Million Households™

– # Blackpound, Campaign online http://www.facebook.com/onemillionhouseholds


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