#BBC #Blackpound – We need our first 1,000 #BBC #Blackpound e-petition signaturies

Be-The-Change-Logo (1)5

We need to hit our first thousand, Signatures on this e-petition.

 Each signature is worth £360,000 over the next 50 years. Our community cannot be seen to falter on this one… This is the largest most sustaining online petition the community will ever deliver over the next few decades. We’ve had the support of BENTV and Colourfulradio.com to get it thus far. We really need U! – The current posse of signatories, delivering your A-Game, texting, emailing, and inviting friends via Change.org, making a £4.00 donation to Change.org, so they will feature the petition among, those already with a Change.org Profile/Account.

Texting – via phone text 07983611181 for the actual text to send if need be. But the sort URL which U can get from the  One Million Households group or page copied to your mobile should do it. Plus #Blackpound #BBC together in your text or search online will bring-up the e-petition if the weblink fails to. We have 24,000 One Million Households supporters online. We really need just one signature each, and four friends each… recruited to sign, – JOB DONE! -100,000 signatures.


Email. Just one email to ALL your email contacts, you can link Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail accounts directly.

 As you’ve signed already, just kindly click on the link, which will give you options to invite your friends to sign too.

 The #BBC #Blackpound Petition


 BIG Thanx! – We are doing this!

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