MH17’s 298 victims: more important than Habyarimana and Ntaryamira!

Rising Continent

Cyprien Ntaryamira - Former Burundian president Cyprian Ntaryamira – Former Burundian president

If you have been watching or reading the news these last days, you know for sure what MH17 is. It is the codename of the Malaysian aeroplane which was recently shot down by suspected pro-Russian rebels fighting against the Ukrainian government. I won’t have written this note if I hadn’t observed how quick the UN Security Council was in requesting a “full, thorough independent international investigation.”

I had as well noticed the immense compassion shown by Western media towards the victims. Among these it is reported to have been aboard the plane a strong delegation (around 100 people) of health experts who were attending an international conference in Australia. In their majority, they are whites from European and North American countries.

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