Second Genocide in Rwanda? Slow, Silent, and Systematic?

Rising Continent

By Ann Garrison

What is happening in Rwanda? And, is the UN turning away?

Hutu refugees in DRCSince October 1st 1990 I have been closely observing attitudes of international institutions such as UN and Security Council said to preserve peace around the world. My findings are that these structures have been more responsible of breaking down prevailing peace in places where it kept communities of people together harmoniously than bringing any. The more nations will seek solutions to their problems within themselves the more they will be better of. In the case of Rwanda, there is a long time that that UN “machin” could or should’ve done something. If victims cannot organize themselves to end occurring atrocities, they have to accept their fate and live with it if they can, because it is not UN, Obama or Cameron who will sort them out. The latter or systems they represent have been responsible of…

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