#Authors – Members –

#Authors – Members – #OneMillionHouseholds™ #Blackpound #spendingpower #householdUnion campaign – Angela (minister author) Reid – CEO & Founder – Angela Reid Enterprises, Author Divine Ortiz, Author Poetess Maureen Morgan, Author-Speaker Atiya, BONNIE GREER OBE, Carl Foster, Carmen (Horror Writer) Smith, Carol Ann Cezanne, CAROLINE BELL-FOSTER, Cezanne Poetess, Consciously Redd (Simon & Schuster), Eddie K Danso, H M Hanlan, Kaati Reno, Kimadda Agyeman (CEO & Founder – Balanced Woman), K.N. Chimbiri, Kwame McPherson, Latony Crumble, Linford Sweeney, ROBIN WALKER BSc (Hons) Econ, PGCE (The Black History Man), Stambuli Abdillahi Nassir (political author), Sereniti Hall, YVONNE J DOUGLAS. (22)

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