Sept 2014 – May 2010 – A Labour-Lib Dem coalition? – or how the LibDems deliberately chose the Tories

Leeds North West Constituency

On Sept 5 2014 Labour’s readiness to work with the LibDems secured a stunning victory on the Bedroom Tax.
Perhaps that brings back memories of May 2010.
Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 16.03.25
Remember May 2010? That was when Gordon Brown paid the price for causing the world economic banking crisis by allowing poor people to live in houses with extra bedrooms.

It was when the LibDems chose to go into Coalition with the Tories – and so, among other things, to punish those poor people who had obviously caused the melt down of the financial system.

The sight of Labour and LibDems voting together on 5 September perhaps made some people feel it might all have been different.

It prompted one of our members to send us this review of Andrew Adonis’s book about May 2010.

Alas, that book makes it very clear that the LibDems deliberately chose the Tories – and that they did…

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