Race equality survey of Lib Dem president candidates

tellusThe following survey on race equality and the Lib Dems was conducted on SurveyMonkey by myself. It is my own survey, not done in conjunction with EMLD.

Comments by the candidates are in italics, and the standard answers they picked are in normal font. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order (surname). My commentary is in blue.

Question 1: Lib Dems should deliver equality and diversity training to local parties where they are, not just sessions at party conferences

Sal Brinton – I agree. She added: “We will need to train more people to deliver this, which I know has started, but it is too slow”

Daisy Cooper – “I agree, and believe a lot of practical interventions can be cost neutral”

Linda Jack – I agree

Liz Lynne – I agree

COMMENTARY: All candidates agreed that diversity training should be expanded out of party conferences, which only a slice of members attend, and…

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