Greetings Moor Atlantis, my brother,

Very good morning to you, my brother…

Moor,  I had to drop you a line and commend you on this wonderful Wall Post, that greeted me this morning!   As I’ve never ever seen it before on!  Or had a text message about the DEATHS IN CUSTODY annual march.

This year I had a text from a #onemillionhouseholds group member, who I thought should had just Wallposted it,  and now I see  you a #onemillionhouseholds group member now Post this! so I’m very touched and pleased to really see us doing our best and what we should be doing – which is leading the way! On The digital online platform.

Petition – The last Deaths in Custody petition got 1,900 signatures and I think it’s about time we had another!

If we can’t stand-up and march for our living sons and daughters… Then how can we march and campaign for our dead ancestors!  People will think we’re just ignorant greedy people looking out for money.  No,  we have to show we will go to any length by any means,  to protect our future!  Our children & grandchildren!


Again, congratulations on this brilliant DEATHS IN CUSTODY, Wallpost my brother… My hat raised to you,  this morning! 😊

I look forward to seeing you there,  my brother, and will look out for you. …  ☺

Bless U…

Wishing you all the power and blessings of our ancestors…

Warren Alexander-Dean – Founder

The 21 joint Administrators


UK Black Family Household UNION™ & UK Black Parliament™ online campaign

07017410510 Permanent-
07803611181 T-Mobile

One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for US!™

Encouragement and support – MS. DIANE ABBOTT MP was kind enough to take the time to write a most encouraging letter, (July 2008) in which she applauded the #UK #Black Household #UNION and #UK #African #Parliament initiative saying: ‘this is a very interesting idea’. As you know; MS. DIANE ABBOTT MP is the longest serving Member of Parliament from ‘Our Households’ and her support is a very positive sign, of things to come…

Encouragement and support – MS. DIANE ABBOTT MP:!/groups/OneMillionHouseholds/10152326386083738/

Please checkout the Voice newspaper link below too… Thanks….

#TheVoice  newspaper – ENTIRE front page article:

Please join UK Black Family Household UNION™ & UK Black Parliament™ – One Million Households™ campaign online

Please, kindly join and invite others…email ‘tweet’ and ‘share’

Please, show your kind support, by distributing via email or sharing on or sending the page URL via to your Twitter followers! Let’s spread the word!

‘They’ve seen the Colour of our money – Now, let’s show them; The MONEY OF OUR COLOUR! – The #Blackpound!’

One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for US!™

#UK #Black #Family #Household #UNION™ & #UK #Black #Parliament™ – online #campaign

07017 410 510



One Million Households™ – Group –    20,300+ Members

One Million Households™ – Page – 3,200+ Supporters

UK African Parliament™ – Group – 2,920+ Members!/groups/311700242298815/?fref=ts

Union Group:  UK Black Family Household UNION™ – 36+ Members

Union Page:  UK Black Family Household UNION™ – 205+ Supporters

UK Blackpound™ Group: 256+ Members –

UK Blackpound Page: 50+ Supporters

Melanin people – The first people – Group – 256+ Members!/groups/657582524289613/

Alkebulan people Group – 84+ Members

Manifesto – The Plan


For online info the PDF Press Release please visit: @OneMillionHouse – OneMillionHouseholds™   @Blackpoundman     @BlackpoundUK

The Voice newspaper – ENTIRE front page article:

The #BBC #Blackpound Petition

We need your ‘A-game!


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