Why I resigned from the Liberal Democrats


Earlier this week (29th October) I resigned from the Liberal Democrats after eight years as a party member, four of them as elected councillor for Sutton in south London.

It was a difficult decision but one borne of immense frustration with lack of progress on race equality and a growing view that despite the efforts of a number of campaigning members change seemed as elusive as ever.

The lead-up to the trigger

The trigger which pushed me over the line was a debate on the independent Lib Dem site for grassroots members, Lib Dem Voice. I commented on a story about how Lib Dems were helping an opposition party in Botswana, in southern Africa.

Given the Lib Dems had only two African or Caribbean prospective parliamentary candidates in the whole country so far – both of them in the most unwinnable seats – and have in all probability under…

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