Paul Kagame: A “descendant of King Solomon” in the Great Lakes’ killing fields


#UNITEDWESTAND! – #CommUnity #UnitedWeStand! #UnityIsStrength – Touch one… Touch us all!

Rising Continent

By Darius Sunray Murinzi

1012867_524694980999201_7863107306939607755_nViews expressed in this article are comments made about another one that had first been published on this blog discussing the reactions to the BBC documentary “Rwanda Untold Story.” I found it important to reproduce them here because they bring to us another dimension of analysis for the human tragedy that has affected the Great Lakes region since the end of the 80s and is still ongoing. The undertaken analysis goes beyond the traditional and historical antagonistic rivalries between Hutu and Tutsi, or the consideration of the millions of Congolese killed in the pursuit of mineral resources, but tries to enlighten us on the possibilities of a bigger plan for the entire region, where the visible actors on the ground might only be pieces of a puzzle they could themselves even ignore the overall configuration.

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