Happy New Year! – 2016…


We have some serious great challenges for 2016 and beyond, as a #commUnity.

We have to focus and be taken very seriously in all that we do collectively, as a #commUnity…

A BIG thank you, to you for all your continued kindness and support for the collective work and efforts we continue to make in liberation…

#UnitedweStandUnityisourMIGHT 😆

Enjoy the rest of your Kwanzaa holiday celebration in remembrance of #ourancientGREATMIGHTYAfrikanancestors  We poor libation….

Many thanks for all your kindness and support.

Thank you….

Wishing you, every facit of power,  knowledge and understanding from #ourancientGREATMIGHTYAfrikanancestors

Have a nice nite…

Wishing you, dreams and visions for a better future for our children and grandchildren…


Warren Alexander-Dean
Founder and joint Administrator with 19 others
UK Black Family Household UNION™ & UK Black Parliament™ – online Campaign

One Million Households – Making The #Blackpound For US!


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