Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing RIP
1935 – 2016
Born: March 18, 1935
Died: January 2, 2016



Posted to the Reparations Think-Tank -WhatsApp group by; Winner It Can Only Be God

African Woman Hit With Beer Mug For Speaking Swahili” on YouTube



WhatsApp community – One Million Households – UK Black Family Household Union

One Million Households the online social network campaign for a UNION of #ourhouseholdpound the #Blackpound the #moneyofcolour has started a WhatsApp group with just less than 400 members.

WhatsApp is an Internet protocol application, which allows you to call and message across the Internet, rather than your mobile phone network.

This is an important application for the working class community, as it saves on network call and messaging charges, requires no subcription and allows unlimited texts messages with no lenth media restrictions.

We hope that we might build a good strong One Million Households online network community on WhatsApp too, as we have on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, GooglePlus, WordPress and 16 other social networks.

Joining we hope this might be your first experience of a WhatsApp network group’s too.

Nevertheless, if you’ve never used WhatsApp, regardless, try it out. You might find yourself not only talking and messaging friends and family, in far flong places, which normally requires special international calling credits, but also paying less for calls and text and using less of your monthly call and text allowance on your mobile contract.

The mobile phone companies have done little or nothing for the working class community, and certainly nothing for African people. Yet, we spend billions of pounds every month with the mobile phone operator’s, in return for NOTHING! – We really need to look seriously about who and where we spend our #ourhouseholdpound – the #Blackpound with. As when it comes to the #Blackpound; its not about #US #ourcommUnity being a 2 million minority – through marriages and legal relationship, those that live in our household, is far greater! Perhaps as much as 20 million! Out of a 70 million UK population… That dose not make #ourhouseholdpound the #Blackpound a minority pound or #spendingpower…

Putting something back – Have you ever seen an event or a community initiative in the UK working class community, supported by any mobile phone networks? We need to collectively deal with these companies from a position of strength and #unity #UnitedWeStand #UnityIsStrength
#unitedwebargaindividedwebeg #unionorganizer #organize

Seventh anniversary – In the very special month of Mosiah (August) We not only celebrated the 128th anniversary of the birth of the Honourable prophet; Marcus Mosiah Garvey. We are honoured to also celebrate the 7th anniversary of the One Million Households online campaign. If you’ve never got involved, never took the campaign seriously, then please do. We have serious offline work to do…

To start,just search WhatsApp, download the application and your off…

To join the One Million Households UK Black Family Household UNION WhatsApp group #commUnity add 07983611181 to your contacts and send your name and international dialing code for your country to +447983611181

About WhatsApp


What’s WhatsApp




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