My dear brethren,

I don’t know what or who you mean is or isn’t better than who or whom.

#ourOWNeconomy –  However, the idea of African people spending money with other racial and social groups is one thing and is BAD ENOUGH!- when those other races nationalities fail to reciprocate and likewise, spend money with #ourcommUnity #ourRace #oursocialGroup

Keeping it in the family – We spend money with others, who DON’T, and worst won’t, spend money with #US or employ #US #ourcommUnity #ourRace #oursocialgroup

Trying to look like others – Other social groups, do spend trillions of dollars each year, on tanning, and plastic surgery, in an attempt to imitate Afrikan body features, such as lips, breast, and buttocks!  However, the sad thing is, Afrikans nowhere in the world, sell these medical treatments, cosmetic surgery, tanning lotions, or have anything to do with, tanning shops or the manufacture or supply of any tanning equipment. However, most if not all of ourcommunity spends the vast majority of #ourcommUnity #Blackpound & #Blackdolla #spendingpower with other racial and social groups, when it comes to #Afrikanpeople trying to not only deny #ourRace #ournatural #ourbeautiful #Afrikanfeatures

So we desperately need to STOP spending our #Blackpound anndvvv  #Blackdollas outside #ourcommUnity with others, to deny ourselves, whilst desperately trying to look like them  be they Asian  trying to look like them!

#theglobalAfrikanfamily – Really needs to focus and strategically work on #ourcollective #Blackeconomics

Many thanks for all your kindness and support.

Thank you….

Wishing you, every facit of power,  knowledge and understanding from #ourancientGREATMIGHTYAfrikanancestors

Have a nice nite…

Wishing you, dreams and visions for a better future for our children and grandchildren…


Warren Alexander-Dean
Founder and joint Administrator with 19 others
UK Black Family Household UNION™ & UK Black Parliament™ – online Campaign

One Million Households – Making The #Blackpound For US!

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