#Broadcasting – Members and Supporters – One Million Households™ online campaign for a Union of our households #Blackpound


#Broadcasting – Dr. Aboo Jahtata (Galaxy FM 102.5), Angel Camorra – Events and Marketing Consultant – Ujima Radio 98FM, *ANGIE LE MAR* (Choice FM 96.9), BBC Asian Interactive, Bella Blake – Bella Bites Bak – Rock 2 Rock Radio, Black Visions TV-UK, Blues UK Radio, BONNIE GREER OBE, Calvin Francis (Choice FM 96.9), Caribbean Radio Show, Chris Philips (Jazz FM 102.2), Carlton Daniel – audio engineer – Omega Radio 104.1FM, Claire Grant – TV  Jamaica GM, Clarence Davies (Colourful Radio FM 96.7), WWW.COLOURFULRADIO.COM, Cultural Vibes Radio Show, David O Akinsanya, David (Kid) Jensen (Smooth Radio 100.4 FM), David Urban FMTV.com, Do For Self Media – Ghana, Dub FM, Dotun Adebayo MBE(Colourtelly, Dotun on Sunday – BBC Radio London 94.9 FM – Up All Night – BBC Radio 5 Live & The Voice), EDDIE NESTOR (BBC Radio London 94.9 FM), Edward Lakle – Showbiz GH Online Radio…

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