TRUST – cooperatives


TRUST –  The element of trust is fundamental to us doing business together as a #commUnity.

Buying cooperatives –  One of the key things that we need to do, particularly in our retail sector immediately, is to develop “buying cooperative”, so that we buy goods particularly groceries and clothing collectively and this will begin to reinforce and reestablish the trust that our parents and grandparents had with regards to ‘Partners’, where they would each throw money into a central pool of funds each week and one person would draw that amount. This trust has really been lost not just due two us trusting each other less, but in the 500 pages I’ve written about this issue, it’s also been invaded by obviously; in-store credit and more recently credit cards.

Grocery shops – I’m currently in Ipswich which is in Suffolk. Ipswich has not one single African run grocery shop selling general groceries or African foods – this is disgraceful!

#OurOWN –  I am working very much towards establishing the first African run and owned grocery shop in Ipswich, we have all the other racial groups in Ipswich selling food to us! Some of the stores and shops are up to 600 square feet or more, 1000 square feet the largest ones and others such as the Polish community and Afghan community in some places have 2 or 3 shops in a row – disgraceful!

The only way we’re going to overcome this particularly in Ipswich where there is a lot of Free Mason and local council obstacles and objections to African people owning shops is simply by doing it through a co-operative where the whole #commUnity are all behind and supporting our business in our community, because basically not just racism but the issue of corruption is stopping us.

The cart before the horse –  We too are at fault we’ve put the cart before the horse on so many occasions over the past half a century, where we have failed to establishing our own cash and carry and this is very very serious, we need to move from the Co-operative to opening our own cash and carry businesses for groceries and also establishing our own online supermarkets this will give us the ability to have cash and carry businesses regionally, which will then supply our own grocery shops and then from there we could work further back into the supply chain and look up farming with regard to the supply of produce directly from the farm.

For more information about the One Million Households online campaign for a UK African Family Household Union & UK African Parliament, based upon the combined #Blackpound #spendingpower of our UK “households”, please click on the link below:

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