A chip on the shoulder…


Let’s stop people treating us as different… Less than them…

Yesterday, I was in conversation with a man who I seriously had to pull-up and put in his place, who thought it OK whilst in conversation to touch me, worst still, to pat me on the shoulder.

This act of having to touch a person during a conversation is very patronising. It seriously smacks of an insecurity born of narcissism.

In every day life, I see people do things, behave in way’s towards us as African people, biased on race and social dictates, born of a racially based social ideology, observe social protocols, social behavior, social rules; based on racial ideology, race supremacy, with most likely, ‘white  supremacy’ being the top highest in the order of racial social ideology and an irrational premise.

This ‘White supremacist irrational ideology, along with a heavy dose of contempt, disrespect and insecurity mixed with plain old blatant racism is in my opinion the reason for this man in his early seventies, thinking it socially acceptable to not only touch one, during a conversation, but to in so doings so, pat one on the shoulder… O mention his age, as too often, we Africans would dismiss and accept such condescending treatment as,: ‘old school’, a form of unacceptable behavior which has generally become outgrown.

Patting – This social interactive practice of patting Black people on the shoulder is frankly patronising in all circumstances and is a practice I personally consider racist! Patting in conversation or any form of touching is simply patronising. No Africa, man or woman. No African person is to allow any one to pat them under any circumstances, we as African people, are people, humans and not pet’s. Pet’s are for patting, which is why they are called ‘pet’s’, they are kept and patteed.

As African people, we can do a great deal to challenge the stereotypes of what is deemed socially acceptable behaviour and treatment towards us as a race of people.

The next time that you’re in conversation with a neighbour or colleague who thinks it’s acceptable to pat you, or even touch you, during or at the end of a conversation and this is deemed as socially accepted behaviour for them, let them, clearly understand that you find this totally absolutely unacceptable and intolerable.

And finally, just in case you somehow think that I simply have a chip on my shoulder; something this man in his 70s ask me to do; ‘just a smile’, he said he likes to see Black people smile and Black people smile best.  Well I won’t go into what took place then and where I put him verbally, but it was firm and politely done…  😉

Origin and meaning ‘chip on your shoulder’

Narcissism meaning

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