You’re quite right, dear brother.

#thePlan -+ It is better to have a plan and initiate implementation of that plan, than to have no plans whatsoever.

The corporation – The thing is, we really do need to begin to initiate a ‘plan of action’. The thing is, it also takes more than one person.  I’m only one person. This online campaign, is only online, and looks likely to stay  just online for the next 8 years too.

350 names  –  I should by now, without even asking or specifically trying to; have the names and contact details for say 350 Brothers and Sisters, ready to move,  ready to do what it takes to formally setup a corporation, and move things along.  I personally have seriously contributed my life to this campaign, over what will in August be 8 years online, and two years off line, writing over 500 pages. All I know is; I have another four months, and that’s it.

One million capital funds – Right now, I am writing to Sky TV and Sir Lenny, to have the UNION paid £3m per year, to oversee the spending of  £300m per year ‘ring fenced’, income at Sky TV, for BAME. This would allow us, one third  (£1m) to launch #thePlan in its verious aspects. As you know, Sir Lenny is the ‘honorary founder member’,of this campaign.

Ipswich, I’ve been in Ipswich Town Suffolk for over twenty weeks now, spending upto 20hrs some weeks out in the street, speaking directly to our brothers and sisters, in #ourAfricancommunity to no avail. I after giving out thousands of leaflets too, don’t even have 5 names and contact detail of people ready to give up even 3 hrs a month, to initiate a  plan. Ipswich doesn’t even have a single African owned grocery shop.

Have a look at;

Making the #Blackpound happen!

#AfricanAlerts #BlackTwitter  #Blackpoundman #Umoja

Just click on the Go Fund Me, link below;


We as a community seriously, need to committed to raising ourselves up from oppression, as seriously and consistently as our oppressors are at keeping usin oppression.

However, it seems that we as African people, are seriously in a state of apathy.

Let’s work together, in unity, helping and respecting each other…

Thank you….


Wishing you, every facit of power,  knowledge and understanding from #ourancientGREATMIGHTYAfrikanancestors

Have a nice nite.

Wishing you dreams & visions for a better future for our children & grandchildren…

Bless U…



Warren Alexander-Dean
Founder and joint Administrator with 19 others
UK African Family Household UNION™ &
UK African Parliament™ – online Campaign

M: +44 7983611181  T-Mobile  + WhatsApp
E: 1MH@gmx.com
T: @OneMillionHouse

One Million Households – Making The #Blackpound For US!


For more information about the One Million Households online campaign for a UK African Family Household Union & UK African Parliament, based upon the combined #Blackpound #spendingpower of our UK “households”, please click on the link below:


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