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The Voice newspaper – ENTIRE front page article:

“One million urged to join #Blackpound #spendingpower campaign”


We need your ‘A-game!’

Encouragement and support – MS. DIANE ABBOTT MP was kind enough to take the time to write a most encouraging letter, (July 2008) in which she applauded the #UK #African Family Household #UNION and #UK #African #Parliament initiative saying: ‘this is a very interesting idea’. As you know; MS. DIANE ABBOTT MP is the longest serving Member of Parliament from ‘Our Households’ and her support is a very positive sign, of things to come…

The campaign already has an illustrious list of Supporters with 30,000+ now, on Facebook alone, the other 30,000+ Supporters include:


#BBC Change.org petition (first 100) signatories: OneMillion Households™, WARREN ALEXANDER-DEAN**, **BLACK MOSES**, ** ALLAN ‘NOEL-EDGE’ OKELLO (AKA DJ KNOWLEDGE)**, **ANGELIC SAINE AS**, **JOI FERGUSON (AKA JOI WITHAN EYE) **, DELROY WASHINGTON, LESTER HOLLOWAY, JUDITH JACOB, AL GRANT, YVONNE J DOUGLAS, WAYNE BOUCAUD, PRINCE KWAKYE, ANGELA RAHMAN, FRED SCOTT – ABBEVILLE ROAD, KARIUKI DAHLIA, CHARLIE WILLIAMS, ZITA HOLBORN, ROY SHEPHERD, Emma Sirius, Lambert Chambers, Disajust-stepa DA Hitmaker, Anthony Kalume, Michael Dhue, Anne-Marie Davy, Nicole White, Joan Robinson, Angelina Gillimore, Sarah Myers, Sandra Milne, Alma Novea, Donovan Grant, Chris Josinlah BIRMINGHAM, Jackie Boothe, Howard Slowley, Paul McKennon MIDDLESEX, Horlene McKennon MIDDLESEX, Lynette Whittingham, Bola Tajudeen PORTOBELLO ROAD, Stephanie Jefcoate, Channelle Pollard, Nkechi Aligbe ILFORD, Dawn Beswick, Jennifer Watson-Henry, Champagne Jaye, Steve Mason BIRMINGHAM, Kay Kelly THAMESMEAD, Justin Glasgow ROMFORD, Martin Llewellyn CARDIFF, Roberto Manzin HARROW, Fiona Moore EDINBURGH, Waseem Quraishi BRADFORD, Solomon N’jie NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, Shanell Johnson, Ambia Mala, Waseem Quraishi BRADFORD, Jiruo Oburoh, Marlene Shillingford, Howard Slowley, Afia Abusham SAFFRON WALDEN, Paul Woodward LIVERPOOL, Daryl Greenfield NORTHAMPTON, Adrienne Frye, Claire Shepherd, Melina Riley, Chantel Thomas ACTON, Steven Smith, Gideon Affleck PETERBOROUGH, B Woodburn, Stan Hey BRADFORD-ON-AVON, B Woodburn, Reeta Judah WICKERSLEY, Christopher Oyesiku BEDFORDSHIRE, Maxine Gordon, Lookman Sanusi, S Ravenscroft, David Idowu, Dominique Fitzpatrick, Kate Whittle BRISTOL, Fiona Howe, Debbie D’Oyley, Joanna Laromani SHEFFIELD, Phinnah Ikeji DAGENHAM, Sharon Morgan BIRMINGHAM, Shanice Lindsay, Marlene Shillingford, Jiruo Oburoh, Afia Abusham SAFFRON WALDEN, Nels Abb, Dickson Aleroh, Ayse Oliver, Michael Kennedy, Zoe Ansah, Dwayne Ferguson, Deborah Sagoe, Nels Abb, Antoinette Crawford ROMFORD, Colin Collman DEPTFORD, Kyra Ansine, Joy May, Samantha Nyika PLYMOUTH, Ska Connextions Connextions, Susanna Dziworshie, N Nartey, Sanjit Chudha,Wayne Marshall, (100)


@OneMillionHouse – OneMillionHouseholds™

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Sixth Anniversary – Members and Supporters, who’ve been in, with and loyally supported the One Million Households™ online campaign for a Union of our households, to reflect our combined #UK #Blackpound #spendingpower and represent us as #UK #African residents, our family, loved ones and business associates in the #UK – Alexander Jackman, ALISON ‘EMPRESSALLIE’ BROWNE, AMANDA BECKFORD, Andrew Crawford, ANGELA RAHMAN, Annette Campbell, Anthony Codrington, AUDREY M BECKFORD, Audrey Scott, Aziza Edwards, Babycham Mowatt, Bella-Marie Fit Page, Black Presence, BRENDA SPARKLE-LOU, Calvin Salmon, Clarity Jane, Charles Emeka, CHARLIE WILLIAMS, Cheryl Phoenix Henry, DAVID MICHAEL, David Peacekeepa Allison, DAWN GRANT, DEBBIE ANTHONY, Denise Campbell, DENIS KORANG, Dennis Rowe, Diahanne Rhine, Dominique ‘Variety D’ Davis, Donna Spence, Elayne Smith, English Adolph, Fiona James, Folasade Phillip, FREDERICK SCOTT RIP, George Hamilton, Helen McDonald, HOWARD ETCHELLES RIP, HYERCENTH PHOENIX, Ian Socapro Henry, Jacqueline Panther Denis (Panther), Jay Sweeney, Jennifer M Blake, Jimmy Andersen, JOHN FRANKLIN RIP (Hon. profile FB), Jordan Bailey, Ken Smart, Lateef Lovejoy, Leanora Headley, Lisa Black, Lisa Cookhorn, Lisa Dwyer, Marlon Kush Palmer, Mark Rowe, MICHAEL GROCE, Michael Snaith, MICHELLE RAMSUNDAR, MOOR ATLANTIS, Nana Iamblessedandhighlyfavoured Ama, NANA WARIYAH HALM, Neville Anthony, Ngoma ‘Silver’ Bishop, NICK DJ NICO T RAWLINS, Nnamdi Ubaka, Olusola Odesanya-Muhammad, Peaches-Sherelle Cadogan, Prince Jamo, Renee Levine, Renique Blu Blackwood, Richard Blackman, Robert Leach, Ronit Brown, Rudi Lickwood, Sam Davis, Samson Edaliah, Sarah Toney, Sensimelia BurningBush, Serena Perry, Sharona Atkinson, Sharon Morgan, Sheer Elegance, Smiley Variety, Stephen Ogongo, Tony Velinor, Tracy Antoinette, Tracy A-s, Troy Davis, VANESSA WARDALLY, VICTOR NNAJI, Zena Edwards, (85)

#Ecclesiastic + #Honours – *BISHOP. WILTON R POWELL OBE*, *BISHOP. ESME BESWICK MBE*, Bishop. Charles Yohanna, Bishop. J Agyin Asare, Bishop Felix Kacheto Banda, Bishop. Jarvis Hines, Bishop. Marvin S Powell Jr, Senior Bishop. Omim Saphir, Bishop Osonoba Kumasi Npp, Bishop. Samuel Okwampah, Bishop. Stephen James, Bishop. Theophilus Aryeetey, Lord Dr. Buck Rogers PhD, SIR LENNY HENRY CBE, *LADY CAROLLE BLACK*, LADY SANDY SMITH-DISTEL, Watty Jnr CBE, Anna Kennedy OBE, BONNIE GREER OBE, Jennette Arnold OBE AM (Assembly Member) Greater London Authority, JAZZIE B OBE, DR. KAILASH CHAND OBE – Dty Chair BMA, Cllr. Patrick Vernon OBE, Cllr. Lincoln Beswick MBE, Audley Harrison MBE, Clarence Thompson MBE, Dotun Adebayo MBE, *GLORIA HYATT MBE*, JESSICA HUIE MBE, Norman Jay MBE, Patrick Passeley MBE, PAULETTE WEST MBE, Steve Stevenson MBE, COURTENAY GRIFFITHS LLB QC., HON. PRIEST CHRIS E.A.B.I.C. (ETHIOPIA AFRICA BLACK INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS), HON. PROPHET JUDAH BLACK, BOBO SHANTI – E.A.B.I.C., IMAN. SADDEK MOHARREB HAJAR-EL – MOORISH SCIENCE – AMERICA – ALLAH’S TEMPLE. (37).

#Ecclesiastic – REV. BAZIL MEADE, Revrend Danny Dread, Rev. Darren Michael Neal Sr, Rev.Ezekiel Thompson, Rev. Kaluba Williams-Bowers, REV. MARK BESWICK, Revd Victor Ikeakhe, Pastor Albertini, Pastor. April Virtuous Cohens – Holland, Pst. Andrew Mwangi Njoroge, Pst. Betty Williams, Charles Sewanyana – Founder/President – Gracious Ministries International, Pst Deezed Gwom, Pastor. Dennis Mehmet, Pst. Eric Reverence, Pst. G Ajewole, Pst Gee, Pst. Hansen, Pst. Isaac Williams, Pst Jiga Wilson, Pst. Joe Bediako, Pst. Johnson – Pst. At Agapecentreint, Snr. Pastor. Julian Rogers Khan Jr, Pst. Keith KL Lewers-Speaker, *PST. LINFORD ANDERSON*, Pst. Marjorie Onengiye Esomowei, Pst. Mary, Pst Tunji Ogunjimi, Pastor Virginia Singleton, Pastor. #Roger Grandison, Iman. Osman, Pastors Thompson, Pst Tunji Ogunjimi, Minister Jack Dejon H. Clark, Minister Buquilla Ervin-Cannon, Minister Malik Shabazz – Detroit USA, Minister Verneda Daniels Brown, Hon. Imperatriz Pamela Vida, Hon. Priest. Carl Bailey, HON. Priest. Jaja -Escuela de Jerusalem, Priest. Zaccario Yaw Agema E.A.B.I.C., Priestess Kefa – author, (46)

#Faith #Groups and #Organizations – Canaan Church Tottenham, Eabic Church Accra-branch, Ethiopian Orthodox Jamaica, Faith City Church, Glory Tabinacle, Gracious Ministries International, Kandake Church, Jesus House, Liberty London, Mercy Mission International, NTA Deptford, NTA Dulwich, NTA Leyton, NTA South Croydon, Rastafari Youth Initiative Council, Ruach City Church Leicester, St Mary Church – Pretoria, Prm Mass Choir, Urban Gospel Network. Xchange Church, Brenau Gospel Choir, Churchboyz Revival, I Gospel UK Choir, London Met Gospel Choir, Uni-Gospel Choir of the Year, Willesden Ntcg. (25)

#Academia – BONNIE GREER OBE, COURTENAY GRIFFITHS LLB QC, Dr. Bahar Choudhury LLB, Dr. Charles Yohanna,
Dr. Christine McLean, Dr. Chukwama Christopher Osaji, Dr. Danielle Selvon, DIANE CAMPBELL PHD, Professor Denham El, Dr.Dickson Aleroh, Donovan Schrouter Phd, Emmanuel Prince (Dr. Emmanuel), DR. FABIAN STEWART, Prof. Gus John, Dr. Kelechi Williams, Dr Khaled el Sayed, Dr. Kraszynska M.D, Lorna Cork (Dr Lorna Cork), Prophet-Dr. Martins Batire, Dr. Mohamed Mahdi, Pastor. Dr. Mohammed Johnson, Dr. Moshood Rajah Oyeniyi, Dr. Nathaniel Chism, Dr. Nono Nizey, DR. ODEAN LAWRENCE, Dr. Oyedokun Ayodeji Oyewole, Dr. Prince Ismail Balibaseka Kalanda Bukenya, DR. ROBERT BECKFORD, Dr. Robert J Muhammad, Terry Jackson Phd, Dr. Toni Sims-Muhammad, Dr. Will Moreland, Anthony Hunter Emba MBA, Sunny Lamb MBA, James AR Singlton MA, Eon Downie Bsc. Rob G BSc, ROBIN WALKER BSc (Hons) Econ, PGCE (The Black History Man), Sophia Cannon (Brst). (40)

#Parliamentary + #Politics – Andrew Dismore MP, Andrew Pelling MP, ANGELA EAGLE MP, Hon. Min. Anthony Hylton – Jamaica, Catherine McKinnell MP, David Burrowes MP, DIANE ABBOTT MP, Grahame Morris MP, GRANT SHAPPS MP – Conservative Party – Chairman, Greg Mulholland MP, Iain Wright MP, Ivan Lewis MP, Jim Hood MP, John McDonnell MP, Kenneth Okoth, MP, Lyn Brown MP, Madeleine Moon MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, Sam Gyimah MP, Steve Reed MP, Vernon Coaker MP, Andrew Duff MEP, Claude Moraes – Deputy Leader – European Parliamentary Labour Party – MEP for London, David Martin MEP, Jude Kirton-Darling MEP, Julie Ward MEP, Nirj Deva DL MEP, Peter Skinner MEP, Althea Smith (former Mayor – Southwark), Jennette Arnold OBE AM (Assembly Member) Greater London Authority, Cllr. Charlene McLean, CLLR. CLAUDIA WEBBE, Cllr.Florence Nosegbe, Cllr. Jonathan Rich (Stansted North), CLLR. LESTER HOLLOWAY, Cllr. Ohid Ahmed, Cllr. Pasika Jack Jack, Cllr. Patrick Vernon OBE, Cllr. Penny Gilbey, Cllr. Van Coulter – Oxford City Council, Atma Singh (London Mayoral Candidate), Winston McKenzie (Former, London Mayoral Candidate), LAMBETH YOUTH MAYOR, Bernard Antwi Boasiako – Ashanti Regional Chairman – New Patriotic Party, Dawn Butler, FIFE LABOUR, ISLEWORTH LABOUR, LABOUR LONDON, LAMBETH TUC, MANCHESTER LABOUR, Marianne Bowness, MARTIN CALLAN – CONSERVATIVE FUTURE, OBV SIMON WOOLLEY, Red House, Red Left, Salford TUC, Yasmin Rufo, Young Mayor – Ealing, (58)

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#Business – African Store, Alison Hewitt – National Nubian Networking, Adreena Catering London, Africa Palace Bar, Appetito Bar, Audrey Ennever – Founder – Ennever’s Educational Consultancy, Avis Sue Lawrence – M.D. – Kingstonian Caterers & Food Manufacturers Ltd, Bake That Cake, Be Black Owned Inc, USA, Black Lawyers, Black Microscopist, BLACKNET.CO.UK, BlackVisionTVUK, Brenda Divine – CEO – Basketball Wives, Birmingham Black Lawyers, CHOICE FM 96.9 RIP, http://WWW.COLOURFULRADIO.COM, Derrick Howard – CEO – Progressive International Records, DBoss Global Advertising, Dr Cheryl Loves the Lord Edinbyrd – Owner-Operator – Totally Fit: A Healthy Lifestyle, Dre Hassan – CEO – The Motor City Cartel, Dub Vendor, Eion Dreadless Ras – Exec Producer – Z.Y.N.C. TV, East Side UK Records, Ewan Denny – Director of Marketing & PR – Ewan Denny Marketing, First World Property & Maintenance Co, FME Family Means Everything FME, Freeman Encheme – CEO Maies Gospel Productions Ltd, Fundamentals Beauty Barber Salon & Spa, Greyhound Bar – Streatham, Heat FM, Hercules Energy Drink, Idemili Abatete – Xcel Malt, House of Loulee, IDesign Tracey Aboagye, ITZ Caribbean, Jah Love – CEO & Founder – Jah Love Roots Wear USA, James Small – CEO & President – Cultural Heritage African Tours, Jesse Dramaking Calvin – C.E.O. – Afrocentric Wearable Art, JESSICA HUIE MBE – Colorblind Cards, Laban Roomes – Golden Geni, James Wilson Estate-Agent, Lady Loy – CEO & Founder – Blackbright News, John Obeng – CEO & Founder – Born 2 Succeed, Kojo London Tawiah – Creative Director – Ancestral Hands Ltd , Lee Danja Intl (CEO – Lee Danja Worldwide, LEVI ROOTS – Reggae Reggae Sauce, Liberty Chauffeurs, Liberty Radio London, *LORD AMBROSE* – Health & Organic Wellbeing (H.O.W), Mohammad Kahhaleh – Co-founder, partner – MAWSHOUR architects & consultants, Mohammed Yasin Ahmed – Real Estate Manager – Africarriers Ltd, Noel Isidore Mbengue – Managing Director – Gaindé Culture Label, OHTV.SKY, Ope Bankole – http://www.TheWeeklyWorld.com, Paula Davis – Franchise Owner – Coverall Cleaning Concepts, Peckings Record Shop, Phillip Fraser – Razor Sound Recording & Distrubing, Princess Black – DJ & Manageress & C.E.O – Reggaeoverdrive Radio & Reggaeoverdrive Records, Quincy Qsclub, Radio West Indies, Rasta Vibes Shop, Roots FM, Sackville Travel, STATION FM, TCTK – http://www.djmrp.com – Mr.P , The New Black – PR Agency, Vernon Jones – CEO & Founder – NYC Sports Network, THABO JAIYESIMI PHOTOGRAPHY – http://WWW.THABOJAIYESIMI.CO.UK, Thymeless Reggae Bar – THYMELESS, Virju Washington Rainer – Owner – Southern Funeral Home – Henderson – Texas, Travis Yon – Co-Founder/CEO – Uni Credit, Unique London Radio, Up Rooti Dolls – M.D. – Rooti Creations UK, TNB Pubishers, Urban Lawyers,Vibes FM.net, VOICE NEWSPAPER – http://www.Voice-online.co.uk, WILFRED EMMANUEL-JONES – THE BLACK FARMER, YC London Jewellers – WC1 (83)

#Broadcasting – Dr. Aboo Jahtata (Galaxy FM 102.5), Angel Camorra – Events and Marketing Consultant – Ujima Radio 98FM, *ANGIE LE MAR* (Choice FM 96.9), BBC Asian Interactive, Bella Blake – Bella Bites Bak – Rock 2 Rock Radio, Black Visions TV-UK, Blues UK Radio, BONNIE GREER OBE, Calvin Francis (Choice FM 96.9), Caribbean Radio Show, Chris Philips (Jazz FM 102.2), Carlton Daniel – audio engineer – Omega Radio 104.1FM, Claire Grant – TV Jamaica GM, Clarence Davies (Colourful Radio FM 96.7), WWW.COLOURFULRADIO.COM, Cultural Vibes Radio Show, David O Akinsanya, David (Kid) Jensen (Smooth Radio 100.4 FM), David Urban FMTV.com, Do For Self Media – Ghana, Dub FM, Dotun Adebayo MBE (Colourtelly, Dotun on Sunday – BBC Radio London 94.9 FM – Up All Night – BBC Radio 5 Live & The Voice), EDDIE NESTOR (BBC Radio London 94.9 FM), Edward Lakle – Showbiz GH Online Radio, Elliott Booker – Time For An Awakening Radio Program – Philadelphia Pa, Fevzi Drive-Time Hussein, (London Turkish Radio), Fury Ann MP (Colourful FM 96.7), Genesis Radio Peoples Station, German Dancehall TV, Gussy Roots (Roots FM 95.4), HENRY BONSU (Colourful FM 96.7), House FM dot Net, Howard Francis, Hoxton FM, Jammie Jam Jamster – Saturday Breakfast (Colourful FM 96.7), Keith ‘Deejay’ Sly (Bang FM 103.6), Kent Christian Radio, K-Fox (Unique Radio 101.2), Krystal Radio FM, LEE JASPER (Colourful FM 96.7),   , LESTER HOLLOWAY (Colourful FM 96.7), Lindsay Wesker – Broadcaster – Mi-Soul & Music Editor – MTV Networks Europe, Lorna Cooper- Editor of MSN TV., Mercy Radio 101.0 FM, Mery Del Cerro – Presenter – Yups TV, Metro Lover Radio, Mistri Paul, Mr Mighty (Vibes FM 93.8), Nadine White (Official Reggae Chart Show Producer – Choice FM 96.9), Nana Akua Blessing – Joy 99.7 FM, NATTY B (Choice FM 96.9), Northeast Truth Radio Show, One Vibration Radio Show, Outspoken TV, Owen Hilife Palmer (Unique Radio 101.2), Patricia Benjamin – BEFFTA Best Radio Personality – Sound Women 200 List, Paul Chaplin St Vie – caribbeanvibes.co.uk, Real Music FM, Roberto Allen Vibes FM.Net, TONY PRINCE (RADIO CAROLINE – RADIO LUXEMBOURG – 1960’s – 1970’s), Poetical TV Online, Sherry Ann Dixon, Rianna Scipio BBC, RONKE PHILLIPS (ITV London News), Rosemary Laryea (Jazz FM 102.2), Rhythmic Radio – New Orleans, Senatorblessedb (Vibes FM 93.8), Sharon Walker – DJ Texas Ranger (Unique Radio 101.2), STATION FM, Radio Sandwell West Midlands, Runtingsradio.com, Tony Williams – BBC Radio London 94.9 FM, TREVOR SAX, Uncle Syd (Base FM – FACEBOOK.COM), VALLEY FONTAINE -BBC, Wayne Boucaud – Radio Presenter and DJ – We Love Reggae Radio, Wes Berwise (Colourful FM 96.7 + Jazz FM 102.2 FM). (78)

#Individuals – AFRICA FRIEND, AFRICA MAGICA, AFRICAN BLOOD, AFRIKA FOR-AFRIKANS, AL GRANT, Andrew Muhammad – NOI, Angela Evans, Angela Nubia, Asso Back To Roots, Awaken Ancestors Arise, Bak To Roots, Be Black Owned, BILLI GORDON – Chair, Advisory Committee For Collective Concerns in Medicine – David Geffen School of Medicine – UCLA, Bernard Puig – Works at Nationalism, Bimbo Roberts Folayan (Abimbola Roberts Afolayan), Bobby Holder, Breaking the Silence TVrp, Brooklyn’s Best Blackpoet, Bro Sis, CAUL GRANT, Celena Clarke 14,000th Group Member 10.01.14, CHOCOLATENATION MAS, CK FLASH, COLIN MUHAMMAD, Congo Day, Conscious Sistren, Cynthia Oppong, DAVID MYLES, David DeWayne Barker – Founder/CEO. Head of School – The ROMEO Preparatory Academy, Diana Rutherford, Discrimination Dreadlocks, DUWAYNE BROOKS, Ebony Wood, Eden Etienne, Ernest Kabuya – I.T.I UNION-COOP, Felix Atachie – Chief Executive Officer – Fema Leadership Institute, Freedom of Speech, Fredom to U, Gifted Hands – Anthony Ezengwa, Guvenor General, Haile Selassie, Helen Roye, Harry Osayuwu, Ivan Kilgore CEO – United Black Family, Jah Defender Sellasie – General Officer – Rastafari Defence Force, JAK BEULA, Jah Love – USA, JANET ALDER, Jennifer Khan, Julie Lopez – Fnd WAG  (Working Action Group), KARL ANTHONY – Fnd Blacknet.co.uk, Kehinde Oke – Consultant – Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce – Private Business Network Marketplace, Kingsley Boateng, Laytah Shatta Konqua (13,000th Group Member 28.11.13), Kwsei Budu-Acquah REV (REVOLUTION) FATHER – Rastafarian and Member of Parliament – Musician, Lady Layne Hart, Leila Thomas, LEROY LOGAN, Lisa Black, Lorna Reid – Lambeth – Croydon, Lucy Cope, Malik Muhammad, Maman Charlotte – CEO & Founder – Mothers of Congo, MARC WADSWORTH, MARCUS GARVEY JNR, MAXIE HAYLES, MERLIN EMMANUEL, Michael Okpala – University of Agriculture, Natural is Beautiful, Natural Unity, Nubia Allison, Next Generation Family, MOOR ATLANTIS, One Blood, OPE BANKOLE, Our Nation, Patrick Vernon OBE – Fnd. The Afiya Trust & CEO – Every Generation Media, PAUL LAWRENCE, PHILLIP GREEN (Merchant Banker), Proud To Be African, Runnus Maximus – Jonathan Wilson Jr.- Founder of the Farthership Foundation, Rob Berkeley – Founder – Runnymead Trust, ROCKSTONE ROADSHOW, Roots N Rockers (Paul R. Williams), RYAN HAREWOOD, Sam Debo Onigbanjo, Senghor Jawara Baye – 10th President General, UNIA-ACL, Shanice Lindsay, Sean X Gaines – NOI, Shaun Campbell, SHELDON THOMAS – CEO & Founder – Gangsline, ShyBwoy Nahramp, Sis Reva X McLeod, Skilly Bango, Sons of Afrika, STAFFORD SCOTT, SYLBOURNE SYDIAL, Taiwo Akinola – Diplomatic Academy of London, THABO JAIYESIMI, The Family of Man, TIM CAMPBELL, True African Heritage, True Islam, Tukam Dixon, Uprising Roots, VICTOR MUHAMMAD – Nation of Islam, WINSTON SILCOTT, Wise Man, Unique Appeal Wedding Events Planner, Wish Black, Words of Colour, World Power, YASUS AFARI – Parliament – E.A.B.I.C. (ETHIOPIA AFRICA BLACK INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS), Young Afrikans, ZITA HOLBOURNE. (110)

We have over 1.060+ prominent names from ‘Our Households’! (1,255+)                                                                    


One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for US! ™

Campaign for a #UNION of ‘Our Household’s Pound’ – ‘The Money of Colour!’ -The #Blackpound


The names in bold – Are people or groups which have done the most, to make the One Million Households™ online Campaign, what it is today – The largest #UK presence on Facebook representing… ‘#African households’, their family, loved ones, and business associates, on an economic and political level… A few represent the latest new additions to ‘#UNITEDWESTAND list.

BOLD CAPITALS – The names in BOLD CAPITALS represents Supporters and Members who have supported and lent their name to the One Million Households™ online campaign, since it’s inception in 2008. Also those we are most honoured to have support the online campaign, which we are indebted to.

* A single *star* either side of names denotes *Group Administrators*, if, outside the ‘TOP 100 Hall of Fame’, above,   **two stars** either side, denotes **Group Administrators**, within, the ‘TOP 100’, ‘Hall of Fame’, all of whom, regardless, have ALL added more than 100 UK friends to the One Million Households™, Facebook.com Group.

They’ve seen the colour of OUR money – Now, lets show them… The money of OUR Colour! ™

Slogan by Vinay Naidu 2001 – Copyright © Vinay Naidu 2001

One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for US! ™


Copyright © Warren Alexander-Dean 2016


One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for US! ™

Campaign for a #UNION of ‘Our Household’s Pound’ – ‘The Money of Colour!’ -The #Blackpound

For more information about the One Million Households online campaign for a UK African Family Household Union & UK African Parliament, based upon the combined #Blackpound #spendingpower of our UK “households”, please click on the link below:



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