Corruption has no place in the human family. Corruption is a vile, atrocious, wicked evil, in society, regardless of if corruption is practiced by one individual or organization.

A person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, the public trust reposed in them, is corrupt; when like a hard drive on a computer, they simply do not work properly, as intended, when they are influenced by personal or collective; bias, favour, hatred or greed.

When an individual or organization put’s itself before those it is intended to serve, who have reposed that trust.

Corruption is the most evil commonplace ill amongst man kind, which eats away at our ability to strive and develop individually and collectively equally as one race upon the same planet…

For more information about the One Million Households online campaign for a UK African Family Household Union & UK African Parliament, based upon the combined #Blackpound #spendingpower of our UK “households”, please click on the link below:


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