#shareit on Twitter


Let’s not just “Like”, when we can with the same effort, simply #SHARE Don’t Like, just ReTweet…
One #press of the “ReTweet” #Share icon on Twitter is worth more than 1000 “Likes”, Likes mean nothing… ” Shares” mean;



The notification star * To see most or all tweets from a Twitter profile, which you are following such as the One Million Households campaign, just click on the * STAR * to the left of the Follow icon button of the profile and you should get notified of all tweets. This will help you to have a greater choice of what you’d like to ReTweet.

You DON’T have to press the ‘Like’ icon too, when youve already pressed the ‘ReTweet’ icon. A share is enough as a ReTweet. No one really ReTweet’s something they don’t like. Let’s as a #commUnity just focus on the ReTweet button and SHARE…

Too often #ourcommUnity press the’Like’ button, to only like a tweet, that you would never ever have seen in the first place, if it had not been ReTweeted and #SHARED by someone else. Please just ReTweet & Share, that’s your online power!

The #globalAfrikanFamily more than any one single group or race of people, seriously need to embraced the digital age and moreover, the Internet. Especially as we have our great African brother Dr Mark Dean, who has nine patents related to the first IBM computer to his own name and is the inventor not only of the first IBM PC, which run the Internet, Dr Mark Dean is also responsible for inventing the Palmtop computer. Let’s do great things with the Internet and the digital technology made available to US, by our great great brother. Let’s do great things with the Internet in his honour…

The Power of sharing


#shareit #share #shareourinfo
#UnityIsStrength #commUnity #Unity

The Power of sharing…


#Clout… #Strengthinnumbers



#Umoja💖 #RT 

For more information about the One Million Households online campaign for a UK African Family Household Union & UK African Parliament, based upon the combined #Blackpound #spendingpower of our UK “households”, please click on the link below:


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