Working in #umoja


Greetings, Fruit Of Islam, dear bredren,

Thanx so much for the ReTweet rather than a ‘Like’,

We’ve been pushing and encouraging others on Twitter to retweet rather than just ‘Like’!

Collaboration, its even more disconcerting when you have group’s and individuals for whom we Retweet, 50 to 100 times for just one or two #Retweets in reciprocation. Worst still, nothing! Its shows a total lack of cohesiveness, brotherhood and sisterhood amongst #ourglobalAfrikancommUnity

Land and money, it makes you wonder how reliable how trustworthy we would be if great deals of money were involved. How reliable trustworthy and conscientious we would be in business dealings with each other.

Since Monday, we’ve been tweeting these two messages to a few of our regular engagers just to try and improve the collective and individual experience as regards our common goal and working together in unity;

#ReTweetit #RT #Shareit
#GoogleAlerts #Black #African #Afrikan #Caribbean #Umoja

#GoogleAlerts #Black #African #Afrikan #Caribbean #Umoja

It must be said, that you’re the first organisational Twitter profile to do a ReTweet in stead of just a ‘Like’. We must commend you further as it’s your principle and mission, and not the two Tweets, which are the reason.

Collective action, we are going to have to do more to encourage our #commUnity to use the Internet more effectively and efficiently. We currently seem to defy common logic and even nature itself, with egos too often getting in the way. With so many of our people suffering and dying globally, we can least afford such a lack of common cohesion and unity -#unityisourMIGHT!

Again, we applaud you…

Let’s focus and continue to work together in the spirit of Umoja, with respect and trust for each other in the spirit of Ubuntu…  😉

#morestrength2U  🙂

Enjoy your weekend…

Have a good nite wishing you dreams and visions of a brighter future for our children and grandchildren…

Wishing you all the power, knowledge and understanding  of our #ancientmightyAfricanancestors


Founder and joint Administrator
One Million Households
UK African Family Household Union & UK African Parliament
online campaign

07539 900 596 EE WhatsApp

One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for US!

Making the #Blackpound happen!
#AfricanAlerts #BlackTwitter  #Blackpoundman #Umoja

#AfricanAlerts #BlackTwitter #Blackpoundman #Umoja

Umoja, (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is a community and critical resource dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of Africans…

Umoja is a Swahili word meaning “Unity.” Africans stress community and family above the individual, and believe that “I am we.” UmojaNow uses this spirit of …


#Clout… #Strengthinnumbers


#Umoja💖 #RT 


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