Greetings Judith, dear sister,

We trust that you’re well, and this message finds you in good spirit.

No #ReTweets – The issue raised was not of you and other campaign Supporters tweeting for favours, but one of campaign Supporters not #ReTweeting at all, any of the One Million Households, #blog Tweets or as in most cases no ReTweets whatsoever. Ever, over the past two years.

ReTweets done – The campaign Twitter profile has on the other hand #ReTweeted hundreds even near a thousand ReTweets for some of our Supporters who frequently tweet, such as your good self, Bonnie Greer OBE, Dr Kailash Chand OBE, Lenny Henry CBE, and numerous groups in #ourcommUnity we’ve noticed that in most cases as with your good self, never once in reciprocating, have you in the past two years, ReTweeted one single one of the One Million Households, info or blog post, which all contain a link and most info about the One Million Households campaign, which might indeed raise greater awareness of the campaign and it’s aims, and gain followers and Supporters online particularly on Twitter. Yourself, and Bonnie Greer, are two of the most intelligent conscious African women on the planet, if we cannot have you lead and set an example, then where dose ourcommUnity stand?

Supporters – If people who support the campaign, even founder members, do not take an interest, lead or even ReTweet a simple tweet, but are instead in engaging with the campaign across Twitter at best, can only or would rather click Like and not ReTweet, in relation to an on-line campaign, which you support, then, what dose that say about #ourcommUnity collectively, what does it say about our ability’s to collectively organize ourselves against the oppression we face, what does it say about creating a better future for our children and grandchildren. What dose it say about trust, unity, commUnity spirit and cohesion.

We as a #commUnity seriously lack these crucial natural threads, we as a generation have seriously lost the trust and unity our parents and grandparents had to do such things as “Partner”.

Other communities – The Polish community centre sadly vandalize recently was shown with a couple of stainless steel, glass doors. The UK African commUnity after 70 years on this little island, does not even have #ourOWN commUnity centre, what’s more, a building to organized #ourAFFAIRS from!

Dogs HQ v None
#Blackman has no #HQ like the dogs…

The last accounts available, Bettersea Dogs Home had £19m in income, up £6m on the previous year. Until African people in the #UK have an organization with such an annual income, representing #African people their family and loved ones, African people will continued to be treated and regarded less than dogs…

The Jewish community – Do you think that the Jewish community would allow the police to murder Jewish people, and still pay for the guns and bullets used to murder Jew’s? Do you think, that the Jewish commUnity could have a million of them march peacefully and subscription TV networks not cover that march, and Jew’s would continue to pay the networks subscription fees?

The #ReparationsNOW march – The march on August 1st, now in its third year, has raised less than £2,000! There are drug dealer’s walking around with more money than that in their back pocket!

The march or August funding appeal

We have moved seriously away form the spirit of #umoja and #Ubuntu

Let’s focus and work together in the spirit of Umoja, with respect and trust for each other in the spirit of Ubuntu…


Enjoy your weekend…

Have a good nite wishing you dreams and visions of a brighter future for our children and grandchildren…

Wishing you all the power, knowledge and understanding  of our #ancientmightyAfricanancestors


Founder and joint Administrator
One Million Households
UK African Family Household Union & UK African Parliament
online campaign

07539 900 596 EE WhatsApp

One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for US!

Making the #Blackpound happen!
#AfricanAlerts #BlackTwitter  #Blackpoundman #Umoja

#AfricanAlerts #BlackTwitter #Blackpoundman #Umoja

For more info on the #Blackpound UNION campaign…


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