Hey, Cee Cee, dear sister,

#DeadSilentProtest Saturday July 16, 2016

Take a look at @ShakariSBriggs’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ShakariSBriggs/status/754207936143122432?s=09

Abstaining from social networks online – This is a very good idea;

The timing – Wouldn’t it have been better to do this on August 17th, in honour too of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, and raise awareness of who Garvey is? It might give more time for notice too across #ourglobalAfrikanfamily media. Also, the 16th, today is referred to this protest, would have to start at midnight. The notice seems too short, unless, it’s just a case of, last to know about it…

First thoughts are timezones, it would be based on? It would have to be each country or a central timezone Greenwich Mean Time?

Secondly, I wonder if the social networks Twitter, Facebook would realise the lack of participation and would suffer economically?

No Justice Nonprofit! – This existing economic boycott, is intended to have; economic impact! To hit them in the pocket!

The natural feeling of people already looking to exercising economic power with regards to the murders,  there is already an increase in the number of African-Americans opening new bank accounts with #Blackbanks. Tapping into this natural momentum to really push and galvanized people around the #NoJusticeNOPROFIT #BoycottChristmas message could really takeoff!

Numvers, with you in the United States of America with 200 million African people that have relations and friends from the Irish, Spanish Portuguese etc community, plus the Latino Africans, must be something in the region of 300 million plus, an extra 100 million!

Also, the Nation of Islam is already with ‘no justice no profit’.

A Christmas with the; ‘no justice no profit’ with the existing Christmas Boycott  campaign would be something quite fantastic if it really had an economic effect on the stock market! That’s the real impact measure, effecting the global stock markets! The #globalAfrikanfamily doing that, would truly demonstrate the fact, we mean business!

Nevertheless, enormous gratitude and appreciation for this ideas, and all your kind continued contribution and support for the #Blackpound Union campaign. We have the #ReparationsNOW march in just two weeks, 1st of Mosiah (August). That out the Way we should indeed focus on bringing some serious economic pain around the next big holiday.

#GoogleAlerts #Black #African #Caribbean #Umoja

Let’s focus and work together in the spirit of Umoja, with respect and trust for each other in the spirit of Ubuntu…


Enjoy your weekend…

Have a good nite wishing you dreams and visions of a brighter future for our children and grandchildren…

Wishing you all the power, knowledge and understanding  of our #ancientmightyAfricanancestors


Founder and joint Administrator
One Million Households
UK African Family Household Union & UK African Parliament
online campaign

+44 7539 900 596 EE WhatsApp

One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for US!

Making the #Blackpound happen!
#AfricanAlerts #BlackTwitter  #Blackpoundman #Umoja

#AfricanAlerts #BlackTwitter #Blackpoundman #Umoja


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