Thanx 4 supporting the #Blackpound on Twitter


Greetings dear friend,

Thanx for taking the time to read about follow and support the One Million Households, #Blackpound #spendingpower online campaign on Twitter.

The name – The One Million Households campaign name, was chosen to illustrate that one million people from our UK African households could together achieve anything, once we were united with the same strategic aims and one united voice…

The campaign is now 10 years online, come August 2018 and very much started with the aim of illustrating the unstoppable strength of the cabined Blackpound spendingpower of African households in the UK and demonstrating the unique diversity of African households and that African people are far from being a minority, when it comes to the combined #Blackpound #spendingpower of African households, primarily due to the biological and legal relationships Africans have with people of other racial and cultural groups. A strategic aim was to take this fact of interracial relationships, and social relationships, which have primarily come about due to colonialism, which some see as a weakness, and to use it’s strength in numbers that it has created, especially where economic spendingpower is concerned…and turn it in to a positive strength.
Founding Member – The campaign was founded in August 2008, (the month of ‘Mosiah’), single handedly by Warren Alexander-Dean who is the primary on-line Administrator and driving force behind the online campaign.

Online – The campaign was started online to take advantage of the popularity of new online social networks available in August 2008 by Warren Alexander-Dean, having written to Sir Lenny Henry CBE and his ex-wife Ms. Dawn French. Warren very much wanted to have these two people onboard, lending their name and kudos to the campaign as Lenny Henry and Drawn French who are very much equally individually, ‘household names’ in their own right, and best Illustrated an example of legal relations that do not make African households a ‘minority’, but instead, one of the largest household economic groups in the UK.

Founder members – The campaign during it’s first four months gained quite a few well known individuals and organizations and today boast some 48 other founder members, many known nationally and internationally in the African commUnity, names of whom, you can see amongst the 1,200+ names on the #UnitedWeStand, UnityisourMIGHT listings.
Today – The campaign now has over 35,000 people online from all over the world, who support the campaign for a UK African Household UNION and UK African Parliament, which includes some 55 MPs MEPs and councillors, 18 Bishops two of whom are resident in the United Kingdom namely; Bishop Esme Beswick MBE also a founder member, and tge longest serving Facebook Admin. also Bishop Wilton Powell OBE.

Aims – The aims of the campaign is to establish a Union in the United Kingdom very much based upon a trade union and the services that a trade union provides to its members, with the unique exception of the members being UK citizens of African origin and their loved ones, with whom they have a biological or legal relationship, which is estimated to be quite some number far greater then 2 million plus Africans in the UK.

Your kind support – We are eternally grateful for your kind support and the support of many who have supported the campaign since it’s inception in August 2008 by joining one of the campaigns 26 online social networks.

Participation – We hope you will continue to support the campaign and participate online and eventually offline in campaign activities and do all that you can to raise greater awareness of the campaign in the hope that you will help us to identify and put together a capable trustworthy team that will take the campaign forward onto the streets, events and to establishing an actual Parliament with #ourOWN Prime Minister numerous Ministers and Ambassadors to represent us nationally and internationally with regards to our affairs and issues which are unique to African households.

Tweets – Below are just a few of the most popular tweets from the One Million Household, WordPress blog which might be of interest to you and give you a greater insight in to the campaign’s current and previous on-line initiatives.

Feel free to copy and tweet or share any…

#C2R #Click2Read
#BLM #Black #African #Afrikan #Caribbean #Umojđź’–
TV subscriptions – This is a very serious issue
#BLM #African #Afrikan #Blackpound #Blackpoundman
#thedogsHQ #dogsHQ #Blackpoundman #Blackpound
#BLM #BLACK #Afrikan #Umojađź’–

The best of #Blackpoundman
#Google #Black #African #Afrikan #BLM #Umoja

#Clout… #Strengthinnumbers


#Umojađź’– #RT

For more information about the campaign, please feel free to click on the links provided below with relevant headers and also look up the ‘more information’ link at the very bottom.
Again we thank you for your kind support and should you wish to get in touch please feel free and do not hesitate to make any suggestions about any issues or indeed complaints that you may have with one of the Administrators in the first instance and if your complaint is as regards one of the administrators then please feel free to contact another administrator who primarily can be reached via the One Million Households page on Facebook or directly on Facebook or via email at

Administrators can be identified from the two stars either side of their name on the “United We Stand” list. Again if you have any problems please feel free to contact the primary administrator; Warren Alexander Dean in person many thanks…
Let’s continue to work together, in unity, and the spirit of #Ubuntu, helping and respecting each other…

Thank you….

#AfricanAlerts #BlackTwitter #Blackpoundman #Umoja #Ubuntu

Wishing you, every facit of power, knowledge and understanding from #ourancientGREATMIGHTYAfrikanancestors

Have a nice nite.

Wishing you dreams & visions for a better future for our children & grandchildren…

Warren Alexander-Dean
Founder and joint Administrator with 19 others
UK African Family Household UNION™ &
UK African Parliament™ – online campaign

M: +44 7983611181 T-Mobile + WhatsApp

+44 7539900596 EE +WhatsApp
T: @OneMillionHouse

One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for Us!


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