The Team

​Greetings, dear Bredren,
Like the discussion brothers and sisters. 
Its truly the case, that the enlightened conscious Bredren, will have to lead by example #ourFamily into the consciousness. 
The contributions to #powernomics development can be;
Time – Those with time, invest time.
Money – Those with money to invest, invest money.
Those with resources to lend, lend resources.
Those with limited time, money and resources to invest, put in the little money they can and what little time and resources they have.
This is as you all know, a serious mission and focus for the #Blackpound campaign,  especially as this month of Mosiah is now 8 years, since the One Million Households #Blackpound online campaign was started

The team –  It’s important that we begin to come together and form  a team of people that will take the project and campaign initiative to the next stage, which primarily and is about creating economic strength and jobs basically within #ourAfrikancommunity, whilst broadening the awareness of the Blackpound campaign and The power of the #Blackpound #spendingpower and #Blackcurrancy as a whole on both sides of the Atlantic.
#ThePlan – As you know there is a framework with some basic 14 pages, which I think a few of you have seen before. if you haven’t, then the link is here and I think it’s not a final plan to say it’s set in concrete, but I think it’s a framework in which it allows us to look at what would be the key economic issues and particularly what services and businesses we’d  be looking at to move forward.

Cash and Carry –  It’s been a great mistake, to look at retailing only as grocery shops on an individual basis, we should focus on the forming of a co-operative wholesale business to begin with in order to be able to support retailers from the #AfrikancommUnity
We have a great opportunity to bring this now eight year long, online campaign to life, and take it to the people in the streets! However, we who are ready and willing, need to come forward. We need to step-up, ready to throwdown…
If you are ready to join a team of like minded conscious Bredren, then please do get in touch via whatever means best suites you. We need to move. Our time is now…

Please leave your full name, what you might bring to the table, in terms of contribution, and the best means of contacting you.

Mobile: 07539900596
WhatsApp: +447539900596

The dogs HQ set up…

#BLM #African #Afrikan #Black #Blackpoundman #thedogsHQ

TV subscriptions – A very serious issue @SkyUK @BBC @LennyHenry




#Nubian #Moors #Afrikans 

#Clout… #Strengthinnumbers


#Umoja💖 #RT

For more information, on the #Blackpound UK AFRICAN FAMILY HOUSEHOLD UNION & UK AFRICAN PARLIAMENT online campaign, please click on the link below:

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