​Why are you not supporting and following the #Blackpound #UKAfrikanhouseholdUnion?

​Why are you not supporting and following the #Blackpound #UKAfrikanhouseholdUnion campaign on Twitter? After liking post, even post asking people to follow & support the campaign?

The online campaign has more support across the widest social groups than not only any campaign of its kind, with it’s 35,000 online supporters including 25+ MP’s & MEP’s and seventeen bishops including; Bishop Wilton Powell OBE, Bishop Esme Beswick MBE in the UK, and a host of 1200 known names… The online campaign also has Sir Lenny Henry CBE, his ex wife, Ms Dawn French and Ms Diane Abbott MP, as its “honorary founder members”.
Please, kindly add your name and your clout! So you can boast; “I was in it form the very beginning!”

Add your NAME! 




These are some of our best most interesting tweets, which are worth a good read.
TV subs – A serious issue @SkyUK @BBC @LennyHenry





The best of #Blackpoundman


#Clout… #Strengthinnumbers




Voice –ENTIRE front page

Please, feel free to kindly, let us know why, you have any resevstions about supporting the online campaign to have a collective single voice, single strategic and collective clout union of #ourUKafrikanhouseholds and a UK Afrikan Parliament.
We intend this to one day be the most high profile voice of Afrikan UK citizens their family and loved ones… The current financing strategy, we are pursuing, will overnight make the UK Afrikan Family Household Union & UK Afrikan Parliament, the most financially resourceful Afrikan organization in Europe…

We truly hope that in the spirit of umoja you will indeed add your support and participate in the online campaign.
For more info, on the UK AFRICAN FAMILY HOUSEHOLD UNION & UK AFRICAN PARLIAMENT, click link below: 


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