​TV subscriptions – This is a very serious issue.

TV subscriptions – This is a very serious issue. 
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When #African people globally, the #globalAfrikanfamily is repeatedly being undermined and portrayed as third class citizens, if that, by the very same cable and satellite subscription TV channels we pay our #Blackcurrency to, this is a vary serious issue.  Only, we seem not to take it at all seriously, as we keep paying the subscription every month!
Zero tolerance – No other community, social group or racial group, would tolerate the degradation that African people have and continue to put up with day in, day out… From TV companies.

We have peaceful marchs, in hundreds, even millions, and NO TV coverage whatsoever, and yet, the following month, we still, without a word of protest, simply, continue to hand over the monthly TV subscription, our #Blackdollars, our #Blackpounds our #Blackcurrency to these unjust broadcasters…
Not only do African people get a disservice in terms of lack of employment and contracts for goods and services. African’s get ZERO positive coverage and maximum negative coverage, and still, like idiots, we pay their monthly subscription fees.
Advertising – Worst still, we even do business with these subscription TV channels! And hand over money for advertising!

#nojusticeNOPROFIT – We need to simply be talking terms and an equal deal with these TV subscription channels.

In the UK – Sir Lenny Henry, the ‘Honorary Founder Member’, of the One Million Households, #Blackpound #spendingpower online campaign has for nearly a decade now, been pushing for equal representation in the BBC and with other broadcasters. 

Sky TV UK – Sir Lenny, has recently been successful in securing a 20% BME ring-fencing of the £1.5 billion annual subscription which SkyTV receives. This ring-fenced money will cover jobs, contracts for goods and services. Though, the same racist dogmatic attitude is being taken, by Sky Television, with regard to news presenters, where Sky is not guaranteeing this same 20% ethnic representation.

I Warren Alexander-Dean as founder of the One Million Households, online campaign in the UK, to have a UNION based upon the combined #Blackpound #spendingpower of #ourUKAfrikanhouseholds have personally been instrumental in ensuing that we have some equal representation with the SkyTV, and BBC ring-fencing deal, by ensuring that a 20% not 15%, deal was struck, in respect of reparations, as African households in the UK have been paying the BBC licence fee for well over 50 years and so the BBC Sky and other broadcasters owe back payment! – For all the years of injustice and unfair treatment towards the #AfricancommUNITY and other minority groups in the UK.

The extra 5% – This extra 5% of the £300m per year ring-fencing is worth £75m per year!
This is how strategic, how persistent and businesslike, the #globalAfrikancommUNITY needs to be.
Lenny Henry – The road has indeed been a long one for our Honorary Founder Member, Sir Lenny Henry. And it is by no means, that we take credit for Sir Lenny, being so laudably persistent with the BBC and Sky. And it was certainly not done alone, as a number of TV personalities were involved in supporting Lenny Henry.  However, the symbiotic morale and strategic support given by the One Million Households, #Blackpound online campaign has been symbolic in bringing about a £300m pa as opposed to a £225m pa ring-fencing deal and agreement with SkyTV, which has now set a serious president for continued future dealings and negotiations with the BBC and other broadcasters.

#powernomics – This just show’s what we can do as a #commUnity once we begin to truly realize our #economicpower and #spendingpower

#BLM #Black #African #Caribbean #Umoja💖

#ourOWN building – The positive attributes and need for African people in the UK to have a dedicated building and employees from #ourAfricanhouseholds is a very serious issue. If we can do deals with the BBC and Sky from our living room’s, than, what great quantity and mighty deeds, would we achieve from #ourOWN dedicated Head Quarters offices.

#BLM #BLACK #Afrikan #Umoja💖 #thedogsHQ  





#Clout… #Strengthinnumbers
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For more information, on the #Blackpound UNION,  UK AFRICAN FAMILY HOUSEHOLD UNION & UK AFRICAN PARLIAMENT online campaign, please click on the link below: 



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