Organize, or perish!

​Sadly, yes! Another example of KKK policing. Where ‘institutional racism’, is the irrational rationale… The truth is the constant oppression of African people, is a seriously common thing. The oppression of African people is constant! However, more sadly, is the serious lack of consistancy in our ascending, our uprising!
Africans are working at about 3/5 percent. And our oppressors are working at 30 to 50% – ten times the rate, with 1000 more people in positions of power and influence. To the point where, the Blackman has become a third class citizen, with no Rights, socially, politically and is; economically excluded.
With Britex and Trump being supported in the ballot box! In the political arena. Racism would still want to tell you, it doesn’t exist and that you’re being delusional. Reverse racism is now making you racist if you mention or make reference to any such thing as racism…
As Garvey said, The Blackman will only organise, when he’s back’s against the wall…
Our backs are against the wall, and we are seriously going to catch fire…

Organise, or perish…

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