Funding Our Own Oppression

Funding our own Afrikan oppression

Sadly, the organizations Afrikan people pay their money to, the organizations Afrikans and their families hand over their money to, as Afrikan people, in the the twenty first century, are not ‘self funding’ far right extremists organizations like the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). Our money is being handed over to our oppressors! – We as African people are funding our own oppression! That’s the sad state of our current plight…

Whether it be in the so called; ‘private’ or ‘public’ sector, the AfricancommUNITY globally, are now in a state, where, ‘we’ are being oppressed as individuals and collectively by the very organizations we spend our money with; via taxes in the public sector, and as consumers in the private sector… And as debt, as countries.

This is the current state of our sad collective international global demise… We are paying for and funding, voluntarily and legally our own direct oppression. Covertly,  things have got worst! We have regressed and gone backwards by decades… Centuries…

It’s only now through collective, strategic cohesion ‘unity’, organized union, that we might indeed begin to even address this despicable situation, and begin to turn the tide…

Are Black people, funding their own oppression?

Organize, or perish…

Organise, or perish…✊
#organise #organize #melanin

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