Civil liberties

Ticket inspectors in Germany assaulting African passenger, allegedly, for not having a ticket.

Civil Legal Fund – The UKAfrikanhousehold needs a civil legal fund to seriously make s massive impact and deter such wicked cruelty. The #AfrikancommUNITY needs as much as £30m through #ourOWN combined #Blackpoundspendingpower UNION™ to address the civil libraries taken daily against us. We need to collectively, make examples of people and organisations they represent, and render them bankrupt! By suing them in the civil courts, for such large sums of money, that when they can’t pay for the legal fees, damages and court costs, we simply file for bankruptcy and make them homeless if necessary to make an example of their wicked evil behaviour towards us as Africans.

Bodycams – What we also desperately need is around 400 African people in the UK, walking around with body cameras, to record prima facie the daily ritualistic racial abuse of Black people.

Name & Shame – When they think that we’ve finished, we place advertisements in #ourOWN UK African media, naming and shaming them too. Which will act as a deterrent to others who are prone to behave in such a blatant despicable way.

Strategic Collective – Until the day, we come together as a collective #commUNITY to do this, the people we pay our hard earned money to will continue to treat us differently, with contempt. For they themselves cannot believe that we as a community continue to put up with this continuous oppression…

Funding Our Own Oppression – We are paying for our own oppression in the twenty first century…



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