White writer calls Black Panther; “Hollywood’s worst nightmare”

This journalist views are very sad. This is true racist oppressive mindset in action.

Here with the Blackpanther movie, a group of African directors and actors have produced a most outstanding movie and set records and may break even more records with their brilliant marvellous most outstanding talent, which indeed, will be very hard to follow.

Yet, a White journalist can somehow see and translate this into negativity! If you can do this, and view a racial group, with such biased hate based negativity, in relation to such great phenomenal creativity and genius… Then, how much more, can you easily cast only negative thoughts and deeds towards a race of people. For, to express such negative hatred of Black people, in such a case of truly record-breaking outstanding achievement as the Blackpanther movie means you must truly function on hatred as a fuel for your actions and thoughts. How negative and biased might such an oppressive, race hate based mentality be in the case of a White man or women assessing a Black man or women in the work place, an educational establishment or judicial environment such as a jury. As a wicked hateful attitude like this, means Black people can do no good, only bad, no right, only wrong!
That Black people can not be wronged, but only do wrong…

This article is truly upsetting to see… Regardless of if it was an all, a woman, all disabled, all children, all teenager… Production… But, to write such a view, in relation to a social group of people, to which, the greatest holistic inhuman CRUELTY in human history has been committed against… Is truly an evil deed, one which might indeed be actionable in law… And should be against the law, in a just equal society…

On the positive side, we need to grasp the batton, in the UK and Europe and run with this, to create more and greater opportunities for creative African talent to flourish in the wake of such an exciting opportunity.

The good thing is, Blackpanther the movie speaks for itself, as actions speak louder than words…

#RacismisREAL #RacismisALIVEANWELL

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…”

#Blackexcellence #BlackPride #Blacktalent #YoungGiftedandBLACK

#Blackpoundman #BlackTwitter


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