Black Social Networking Sites

#Morestrength2U, Godwin, dear brother, more strength✊

POSITIVE 2018 2U! 😁😀

I’ve got this, video of our dear Afrikan sister, being robbed and shafted by Facebook and associates, to the point where she says even her money has been stolen. When I can via a WiFi network, I’ll re-message, this video, its a great shame….

Hold Facebook to account #TalkToUsMark – Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

ID – I’ve personally had to send passport, birth certificate and proof of identity to Facebook back in 2006, when the #Blackpoundspendingpower campaign was started.

#ourOWN – #theGlobalAfrikancommUNITY needs to seriously look at setting up #ourOWN online social networks and social economic petition site like and creating jobs in #ourOWN #commUNITY. Back in the late nineties in the UK, an online social networking site; was the first to have an online social networking site, before Facebook, but it was hampered seriously by universities, who blocked access to it via computers on campus. Facebook also in it’s infancy, faced some blocking but somehow overcome this. If we as #theglobalAfrikancommUNITY set up #ourOWN social network and we begin to actually use it and migrate off Facebook to say which is an African based social networking site, currently with well over 200,000 users, more akin to LinkedIn. The One Million Households online #Blackpoundspendingpower campaign has presence and a profile, but we don’t network post or communicate across

Migration – What the #theglobalAfrikancommUNITY would need to do, is very seriously, and speedily, flock in mass to BlackPlanet in hundreds of thousands globally. We would need to run a literal boycott of Facebook and seriously put this message on all our Facebook Twitter MySpace and other social network profiles. We need to take affirmative action. We need to hit other social media networks in the pocket! – This is all about money and social economic power… We could possibly make this video go viral, but, we’d still be broke, still be jobless and playing ketchup. When, what we really need to do is; create #ourOWN system…

“I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create”.

William Blake – 28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827

#ourOWN – We desperately need to migrate to BlackPlanet, on the understanding that money made by them, will be reinvested in the #BlackcommUNITY

No unconditional support – #theglobalAfrikancommUNITY must not even in this regard, act unconditionally. We did so with Obama, and all we got was record levels of Black people being shot by the police… The gay community got same sex marriage, in return for their voting for Obama, we got body bags full! We are doing this again with the #BlackPanther movie, and we act emotionally collectively, when we so desperately need to act strategically collectively… Of all the money made by Marvel and the cinemas houses, will even 1% of ticket merchandise and other related sales go back into the #BlackCommUNITY for business startup or creative talent, NO! We are back at square one… BROKE!

#BlackPanther –
The #globalAfrikancommUNITY needs to grasp the batton, in the UK and Europe and run with this, to create more and greater opportunities for creative African talent to flourish in the wake of such an exciting opportunity, such has after decades, has been presented by the success of the #BlackPanther movie…

Funding our own #Afrikan #oppression
#TheBlackpound #Blackpound

Raising ourselves up collectively…
#Nubians #melanin #UMOJA💖#BLM💖#RT

#Nubians #UMOJA💖 #RBG #1MH

#Nubians #Moors #Afrikans💖#TheBlackpound

Let’s continue to work together, in #Umoja, and the spirit of #Ubuntu, helping and respecting each other…

For more info, on the UK AFRICAN FAMILY HOUSEHOLD UNION & UK AFRICAN PARLIAMENT, online campaign, click on the link:

2 thoughts on “Black Social Networking Sites

  1. i welcome this in principle. Of course, we must support our Black-owned social networking sites and other Black-owned sites. Having said that, I have had some serious problems with Black Planet.

    • Hey Zhena, dear sister,

      I what problems have you had with BlackPlanet?

      Personally, I’ve really not used it, as Facebook simply had more people using it, just as with MySpace. Especially when the #Blackpoundspendingpower campaign started, one had to focus.

      But, couldn’t we seriously look at BlackPlanet as an alternative to Facebook. And, if we can’t, then. What exactly is it that we as a community need and want from our main online social networking platform?

      Would we, work with BlackPlanet to improve it, with our support, which is the best way. Or create a new website for #theglobalAfrikancommUNITY?


      Let’s continue to work together, in #Umoja, and the spirit of #Ubuntu, helping and respecting each other…

      Thank you….

      How Do We Create a Strong & United #BlackCommUNITY✊
      #Blackpound #Blackpoundman

      #AfricanAlerts #BlackTwitter
      #Umoja #Ubuntu

      #Nubianz #Moors #Afrikans

      Wishing you, every facit of power, knowledge and understanding from #ourancientGREATMIGHTYAfrikanancestors

      Have a nice nite.

      Wishing you dreams & visions for a better future for our children & grandchildren…




      Warren Alexander-Dean
      Founder and joint Administrator with 19 others
      UK African Family Household UNION™ &
      UK African Parliament™ – online Campaign

      M: +44 7539900596 WhatsApp
      T: @OneMillionHouse

      One Million Households – Making the #Blackpound work for US!

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