Daily #Racial #Oppression

Daily #Racial #Oppression… #dailyracialopression

As African people, too often, we pretend that we are not under constant racial oppression, and we especially in the West.

From people asking how we are, as opposed to saying ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ or ‘good evening’. ‘Hi’, ‘Hey’, ‘How are you?`.

People stearing at you, as if you’re a Marshian… Or an exhibit in a zoo.

Woman adjusting clothing, upon seeing you as a Black man,  to show that they consider you a sexual threat.

People checking for their belongings on their person, wallet, purse, mobile phone etc, as they pass you in the street, even from the opposite side of the road. Worst still, when your personal belongings are clearly more valuable than there own…

Locking cars, with the central locking, as you walk past, or cross the road.

Intentionally, obstructing your way in public walkways. And standing in front of you looking at you expectantly… As if, waiting for you to move, and show, that you need to accommodate then, as you’re Black and perceived by them as the lowest human common denominator.

This is not as blatant as calling you nigga, coon, golliwog, sambo, darkkie or wog…

Someone referring to you as Bro, or brother. Sis, or sister, especially upon meeting you for the first time, is equally showing you that they view and see you differently, as less.

African people globally are constantly under racial oppression, individually and collectively. Collectively, mainly in terms of social  political and economic oppression.

I recently wrote a blog post about the way some people cannot talk with you as an American, without touching you, more precisely, patting you on the shoulder. Over a period of five months, only one person has even acknowledged this blog post. It shows that African people are not fighting the daily racist oppression we encounter, we are too often, as some sort of copping mechanism, simply pretending that the oppression simply is not happening. That it’s non existent. So Afrikan people, will want to argue with you, or even be come threaten, if you illustrate a situation of oppression, racism, or discrimination, rather than challenge or question the person discriminating against them.

A chip on the shoulder…


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If you constantly downpress and oppress a group in society, whilst socially excluding them from your inner society, you can be sure, you will emotionally, spiritually and socially, economically keep them down. Whilst, though it may not seem like it, you are keeping yourself down too, by the sheer use of such negative energy.

Where, what we need to do is collectively, pool our social and economic resources and fight such continuous racial oppression. We read and hear this for decades, yet, we still fail to protect ourselves collectively. That’s not natural, that goes against nature…



Enjoy your weekend…

Let’s continue to work together, in #Umoja, and the spirit of #Ubuntu, helping and respecting each other…

Thank you….

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