The Power of the #DM #Inbox envelop icon on #Twitter

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The Power of the #DM #Inbox envelop icon on #Twitter

It’s a useful tool on Twitter, having an inbox that everyone can message you directly in, as it creates texting, email messaging capabilities with the world. Unless, you simply don’t want to see any messages from people that you’re not following.

If you haven’t already got an open Inbox on Twitter, simply create one…

You can Google search your Twitter account handle / address to see if the inbox envelope icon is visible to everyone.

If you don’t see it, when you Google your Twitter account address, then those who follow you can’t or anyone else on Twitter, unless, you follow them.

You can simply enable it, or check to see if its enabled.

Making the inbox icon on your Twitter profile visible to all other users on Twitter.

Click on the envelope mesages icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Twitter screen to go to your messages.

Go to the settings, icon, cog top right corner, click on the settings cog, tick top box ‘Receive Direct Messages, from anyone.

This should create an envelope icon message inbox, viewable to everyone. Not just, those who you follow.

You can Google search your twitter account handle / address to see the inbox envelope icon. If you want to be sure that it is visible to all Twitter users.


Who knows, you might make some new contacts…


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