50:50 Parliament – #Inclusion & #Diversity #PleaseSignThePetition

50:50 want to build an, inclusive, modern and gender balanced Parliament. It would lead to more responsive and informed decision making so everyone would benefit. 50:50 are asking those in power for solutions and taking action.

50:50 Parliament – 50:50 Parliament https://5050parliament.co.uk/

Join us! #5050
#PleaseKindlySign #PleaseSign #PleaseKindlyShare
http://chn.ge/2tusbiO via @UKChange

šŸ“ž +447539900596āœŠšŸæ

For more #info, on the #BlackpoundUnionšŸ’· click the link immediately below: šŸ‘‡šŸæ

Let’s to work together, in #UmojašŸ’ž and the spirit of #UbuntušŸ’ž helping and respecting each other…

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