Bio: One Million Households - An online Campaign in the UK ONLY, with over 30,000 Supporters including over 1200 prominent names from ‘Our 20m UK Households’. The AIM, is to have a UNION of ‘Our 20m UK Households’, to represent our 'Blackpound', UNIQUELY demonstrating the DIVERSITY of 'Our Households', that as African people, 'Our Pound', the #Blackpound is the same as everyone else’s, and ‘Our 20m UK Households', diverse, as we as African people have BIOLOGICAL and LEGAL relationships, with people of ALL backgrounds, therefore, it is WRONG, indeed UNLAWFUL to treat us differently... When spending our 'Blackpound'! As we live under the same roof... As a result of this; Viral Boycott - My Friend, the Campaign has for over two years now, been promoting a viral boycott via the Internet of three businesses: Ritzy Cinema (Brixton) Tesco and Costcutters and we seriously considering some physical boycotts of Ritzy Cinema (Brixton) Tesco and Costcutters. Who in their own way, have ALL shown, that they DO, and WILL, treat us differently, while taking our money. We have recently started an e-petition to the Culture and Media Secretary Ed Vaizey, to have 20% (£720M annually of the £3.6B #BBC licence fee annual income ring-fenced for the African, Asian and other minority groups in the UK. https://www.facebook.com/OneMillionHouseholds

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