#commUnityShops Scheme



The Retailer Partnership Scheme/Shield Scheme – This scheme will see local and national retailers and solicitors participate in a scheme, which will require them to DISPLAY a logo of two-hands, clasped together (one Black, one White), with a RED, GOLD, GREEN, BLACK AND WHITE COLOURED circle, retailers will pay 1 to 2% of their annual takings to join the Partnership Scheme, which will qualify them to display the SHIELED RETAIL PARTNERSHIP LOGO. This will create at least 2 JOBS in each borough for Inspectors of the scheme. Retailers will be required to employ or have contracts with people from ‘OUR HOSEHOLDS’, and pay extra for failing to do so. The provision of the printing of the SHIELD LOGO STICKERS for window and door display, as well as a projecting SIGN, which can be illuminated, which means a Black African owned business will be a able to provide the 1,000’s of signs necessary, which can be supported by basic merchandise such as; T-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, clocks, and street bins, and till receipts, which can be displayed and worn by retailers, further reinforcing their participation in the Shield Retail Partnership Scheme, and giving shoppers an ICON to look out for, which shows participation in the Shield Retail Partnership Scheme.


The four requirements will be having legal contracts with people from ‘Our Households’ regardless of race, religion etc. for:

Employment contracts with people from ‘Our Households’ regardless of race or religion etc.

Business services and goods, contracting for cleaning, maintenance, professional (such as accounting, and law), building and goods.

Donations to charity and community groups, such as youth clubs or national charities, which directly benefit UK African people or are, ran by UK African people.

Pension Fund Investment – The investment of pension funds in UK Black African business ventures and start-ups. This will apply particularly to multiple retail chains and major national corporations operating in the UK.


WE as a Community need to demonstrate that WE are capable of BOYCOTTING the worst racial offenders who do NOTHING for ‘OUR Community’ and indeed treat ‘US’ with racial distain and as second-class citizens, with legalized physical BOYCOTTS for three to six months, backed-up by leafleting to local resident’s homes and businesses, and have T-shirts/sweatshirts, bibs, for Boycott protestors to wear, as well as umbrellas with the UK Black Family Household UNION and One Million Households name. This will cost around £4,000 to £6,000 perhaps as much as £10,000 for a typical Boycott. The physical boycotts will also create a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of the One Million Households Campaign, and to sign-up New UNION Members or get the contact details of Supporters, as they walk pass, which should number a few thousand over the three to six month Boycott. We need to have enough Members and Supporters to know that we can Boycott a 24hr shop and have Boycotters outside 24hrs a day, seven days a week for three months at least. Over all, each major city the Shield Partnership Scheme operates in should create 20 permanent PAYE JOBS, as Inspectors, around 200 JOBS nationally with the Household UNION. Not to mention the 10% indirect and direct contractual work to produce the Shield logo on merchandise, signs and posters and large window stickers.


The above #CommUnityShops scheme is an extract from the One Million Households – UK Black Family Households UNion – Manifesto – Page 5

The Entire Manifest plan can be views @


#THEPLAN – The 14 page #Manifesto… We have a plan… 🙂