Making #TheBlackpound happen

Making #TheBlackpound happen…

Thanks for enquiring about #TheBlackpoundman #GoFundMe and supporting the online campaign, to establishing itself, formally off-line too.

Donations – The money goes as stated in the #GoFundMe on daily living expenses. It would indeed be nice to have some donations beyond that over the next few weeks, so that the cost of incorporating the campaign could also be covered.

Personally – I personally volunteer my time to run #TheBlackpound online campaign. I’m currently based in Cambridge, where Diane Abbott MP, who is one of the campaign’s Honourary Founder Members, was a student. Diane Abbott MP is one of the top 5, most well-known, living Cambridge, alumni. She’s also, more significantly, the longest serving Member of Parliament, from #OurCommUnity.

Ms. Diane Abbott MP – Letter in Support
#BLM #African #Afrikan #Umoja💖

Personal circumstances – I’ve had to be rough-sleeping most of the time hear too, which cost a great deal. Currently, I’ve been offered temporary accommodation by the council. Which is as it says: Temporary.

Canvassing – When I go out canvassing at supermarkets to raise awareness of the campaign, I give out slips with the #TheBlackpoundman hashtag and GoFundMe details.

Making #TheBlackpound happen!

Most of the donations have been from canvassing, whilst collecting names of people interested in joining the Blackpound team, or supporting the online campaign.

Homeless – I haven’t advertised the fact that one is homeless or rough-sleeping, as the campaign has enough people adverse to the fact that we have:

1. None Blacks.

2. People with Queens honours.

3. Establishment people.

4. That the campaign has achieved such notariaty, in just its first three years, not to mention subsequently…

5. Faith leaders, involved.

This list goes on…🤔 as to the verious reasons people have for not getting involved, and in some cases, none-action altogether, as regards progression and unity in #OurCommUnity…

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t… …please all the people all of the time”
(Poet John Lydgate)

It’s therefore, best not to add too much to that list of objections people in #OurCommUnity have to not supporting the online campaign.

Thanks again, for enquiring, and taking the time to read this…😊

Donations – To date, I’ve had, two donations via online supporters to the GoFundMe and one, directly, from Juliet and Adrian Ryan, a couple, Juliet, is a staunch activist, best known as Juliet Lopez, who are both campaign supporters, who I met whilst canvassing outside Marks and Spencer in Clacton-on-Sea, in December 2015. Both Juliet, and her husband Adrian, have been of the greatest personal; financial, emotional, encouraging support.

GoFundMe – Having a GoFundMe, isn’t something I personally intended to do, but that same Clacton-on-Sea campaign supporter, Juliet Ryan, who along with her husband Adrian Ryan made a personal donation of £120, suggested it. So, again, one’s grateful to them, for, not just that kind donation, but encouraging me, convincing me, to have a method, by which people could financially express their support and appreciation to and for me, and my now, a decade plus of commitment to delivering a Union… Thanks!

All the kind donations of support through this GoFundMe, wouldn’t have happened, had Juliet, not pushed me, cajoled me, into doing this. 🤗 Personally, I’m very reluctant and sceptical about going to, or appealing to our community, which is why, you’ll read further on, of some different means, of gaining the necessary financial resources… To deliver, the Union.

Nevertheless, I’m always grateful for kind donations and kind comments and especially, words of encouragement, even more. 😊

Thank you so very much for taking the time to look me up and, even more, for your kind support for the #BlackpoundUNION campaign support.

I’m Warren Alexander-Dean, and I run and started #TheBlackpound online campaign in the UK in August 2008. Which is aimed at having a single, high-profile, strategic, collective voice Union of households, of people in the UK who are of Afrikan origin or have a legal or biological relationship with someone who is, which I approximate accounts for around 14 million people in the UK.

Global support – Though, having stated that, the campaign has courted global following, which includes 17 Bishops out side of the UK, five sons of the late Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer and his son Joe Wailer. As well as Peter Tosh and the Marley Tosh Archive. The campaign fortunately also has Esther Anderson, a London girl friend of the late Bob Marley, who’s been a supporter of the campaign for the last eight years.

The campaign fortunately has as it’s five ‘Honourary Founder Members’:

*Bishop Dr Esme Beswick MBE*

Sir Lenny Henry CBE

Sir Simon Woolley CBE

Ms Dawn French

Ms Diane Abbott MP

Campaign wise – I’m working on getting the #BlackpoundUnion #SpendingPOWER off the ground and registered as a corporation, and separately a #Blackpound educational charity, so we can canvass on supermarket premises, and sell merchandise inside, whilst canvassing on the premises, recruiting new Union members too. It will help to immediately create 30 jobs within the Union. And hundreds of good earning opportunities for members of the Union.

Online Social Networks – Twitter, Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn. All’s good with the #Blackpound #campaign on all these social networks. Though, we could do with a lot more Twitter followers…😀 @OneMillionHouse We’re honoured to have the NAACP, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr, and Louis Farrakhan amongst others from the United States, supporting #TheBlackpound #OnlineConsumerCampaign on Twitter.

The Team – I’m currently working on putting together a trustworthy and capable #Blackpound campaign UNION ‘Team’ to formally setup the Union as a corporation, as the campaign approaches its eleventh year anniversary in August 2019. Which is around eight weeks away.

The Corporation – Once the campaign is incorporated, we then intend to make representations to SkyUK to secure £3m per year in funding, which will essentially be a ‘Agency’, contract with SkyTV and include an Broadcasting Ambassador and a team of 13 Aides, to monitor the spending of £300m per year in BAME ‘ring-fenced’, spending, and creating a budget for advertising, to raise awareness of the ‘ring-fencing’ at ‘grassroots’, street level. As well as, pushing other broadcasters to take similar steps.

Our Honorary Founder Member: Lenny Henry in 2014 managed to get this (£300m pa) money ‘ring-fenced’ at #SkyTV.

Below, are some blog links to press articles about the #SkyUK ring-fencing:

TV subscriptions – A very serious issue
@SkyUK @BBC @LennyHenry

#ClickonLink 👆🏿

Corporate Sponsorship – We intend to secure a £100m per annual, sponsorship agreement with one of the major, mobile communications providers. I estimate, that #OurCommUnity combined spending with just one of these network providers id some £100m plus, per week. #OurCommUnity cannot afford to continue such consumer patronage, whilst, we don’t even have an office the size of a dogs kennel, or a supermarket trolly shed… Without some reciprocation, some symbiosis…

For more #info, 👀 on the #BlackpoundUnion💞 click the link immediately below: 👇🏿

Let’s continue to work together, in #Umoja and the spirit of #Ubuntu helping and respecting each other…

Anything, just call ☎️
📞 +44 7539 900 596 📞
#EE #WhatsApp #Skype💫 or just press the Messenger, phone icon button… via Facebook at Facebook.

We can have a chat.😉

Again, thank you so very much for your kindness in looking me up. Let’s see if we can together do something historic and of great collective benefit to #OurCommUNITY by #RaisingOurselvesUpCollectively



Biziness Innovation Manager
#TheBlackpoundman💷 #Blackpoundman💷

Cambridge – England
☎️±44 7539 900 596

@Blackpoundman💷 #Twitter🖲️
@OneMillionHouse🏠 #Twitter🖲️
@BlackpoundUK💷 #Twitter

One Million Households💞 –
Making #TheBlackpound Work For Us!

Best of #Blackpoundman💷
#Click2Read 👇🏿

1,100 #Blackpound💷 consumer campaign supporters

Let’s CREATE BETTER OPPORTUNITIES in 2019 – For those less fortunate!

London Southbank University – 2006 Southwark Innovation Award – Double Nominee – WINNER!

Passionate… about innovation…™

‘I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create’.

William Blake – 28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827

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