BlackcommUNITY to BlackSOCIETY

With respect – We as the #globalAfrikancommUNITY should be more positive, as regards this benevolence, and philanthropical gift, as it will at least have 80% of the amount, benefit #Blackpeople. It’s far more beneficial, than, giving it to Black Lives Matter, which is owned and controlled by a White man… With donations to #BlackLivesMatter going by default to the Democratic Party of the USA, as we know. Moreover, the aims and objectives of #BlackLivesMatter is to promote awareness of the lives of #LGBT Black Lives Mattering too, which do matter. However, the three most prominent founders of the Black Lives Matter campaign. Have and place, therefore a totally, different meaning, on the term Black Lives Matter, meaning LGBT Black Lives Matter. The world, has taken the meaning and symbolism to mean ALL Black Lives Matter, which again, they do.

Ownership – The Black Lives Matter, hashtag in 2015, was the most used, on the planet. The campaign and hashtag has exponentially far outgrown the expectations of the founders of the hashtag, and later, the campaign. Some people, feel, it excludes the main group of Black Lives, that of straight hetrosexual #Blackmen who are the main targets of police brutality and murders. If the Global Afrikan community had organization, cohesion and strategy, rather than getting upset and emotional, and reacting to the dissatisfaction with the Black Lives Matter, campaign aims and ownership, then the #AfrikancommUNITY organizations and leaders, would come together, with a solution and strategy, which may be to BUY, the Black Lives Matter campaign. This should have been done, in or before 2015.

The commercial value of the Black Lives Matter campaign in 2015 was perhaps and arguably as low as $100,000 to $500,000 Now, today, in 2020, just five years on, that value has grown exponentially, especially in the past six months to over $2, 000,000,000 (2 billion dollars!) And still, the term and hashtag Black Lives Matter, has not been registered, as a Trademark® owned by the campaign, which again, demonstrates, that the Black Lives Matter campaign, has far outgrown the expectations of the founders of the campaign…

Moving forward – The leaders of the #globalAfricancommUNITY seriously need to come together, and moreover, more importantly, work together… Drop the names, drop the egos, drop the ‘crabs in the barrel’ mentality, drop the ‘I’, ‘Me’ ‘My’, individual mentality and adopt a collective… ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Ours’, #StrategicCollective mentality and approach…

Five Years – If the leaders of the Black CommUNITY, don’t pickup the ball, grasp the batton on this momentum correctly, collectively. The only financial beneficiaries of Black Lives Matter, will be the wider none black groups, the White society and other social societies, who collectively work and maintain the global opposition and dehumanization of Black people…

A community is a group of people with things in common, common interest…

A society is a group of people who unify to cooperate and act together, to promote, protect and develop their common interests…

The #BlackcommUNITY needs to be collective and become a #StrategicCollective and go from Black community to Black society…


We just need #TRUST🎗️ & #RESPECT💞 for each other
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